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Your iPhone needs a bunch of security fixes

At the same time Apple was promoting its new streaming TV offerings Monday, it pushed a massive amount of security fixes along with its newest operating system -- 51 to be exact.

Europe's controversial new copyright law is as clear as mud

Europe has approved new copyright laws that will change the internet. The problem is that nobody seems to agree on how.

Europe goes its own way on 5G and Huawei

The European Union says it has developed a strategy to keep its 5G networks secure. It does not include a blanket ban on Huawei equipment.

Apple promises customers a safer digital world for a price

For years, Apple has gone after the luxury market with its hardware products. Now the latest luxury may be digital safety.

Apple's big event

Apple is expected to debut a video-streaming product at its March 2019 event. This is Apple's Hollywood moment.

Apple just made one of its boldest bets ever. It will have to do a lot more

Apple badly needs something to sell other than the iPhone. How badly? It just made its splashiest, most star-studded announcement ever and didn't bring up the iPhone.

Lyft's latest driver perks: bank accounts and car repairs

Lyft continues to look for new ways to lure drivers to its platform.

Tim Cook says Apple Card is a game changer. Experts are not so sure

Apple CEO Tim Cook said Monday that the tech company's new credit card would be "the most significant change in the credit card experience in 50 years." But not everyone's buying it.

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