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Please note the press release below about  new content in Learning Express Library product provided for all Iowa libraries by Iowa Library Services and Iowa Workforce Development :

Dear Learning Express Library Subscriber,

We are pleased to announce that LearningExpress Library, version 3.0 has new resources and a brand new School Center with content aligned to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Highlights of the new resources include:

New School Center
On August 4, 2014, you'll see a new School Center. It is organized and aligned to the Common Core State Standards and includes many new resources and features. Resources will continue to be added in the coming months. If your library has a direct link to the School Center, you will need to remove the existing link and replace it with the new link that will take effect on August 4th. Instructions for direct linking can be found on page 3 of the Logos & Images tab on the Administrator link, located in the grey footer of any page on your LearningExpress Library website.

New Practice Tests and Tutorials
There are new practice tests and tutorials in the High School Equivalency Center for the HiSET(r) and TASC test, plus new practice tests and an introductory tutorial for the Spanish-language version of the 2014 GED(r) test.

New eBooks & Flash Reviews
Our library of downloadable eBooks continues to grow, with new titles in almost every center and Flash Reviews for Nursing Assistant/Nurse Aide, Pharmacy Technician, and TOEFL iBT(r).

New Computer Tutorials
We've added PowerPoint 2013 courses for basic, intermediate, and advanced levels, and a PowerPoint 2013: What's New tutorial. This extends the collection of Microsoft Office 2013 products (Word, Access, Project, and Excel) for libraries that have Computer Skills and Popular Software Tutorials. We are also removing older versions of Microsoft Office products.

Updated Products
More than 35 products were updated to take advantage of all the new features in LearningExpress Library 3.0.  





LearningExpress Library is an interactive online learning platform featuring over 770 practice tests, tutorials, and eBooks related to job search and workplace skills improvement, career certification and licensing exam preparation, college entrance and graduate school admissions exam preparation, GED exam preparation, and basic skills improvement in reading, writing, and math, for all ages. You'll get immediate scoring, complete answer explanations, and an individualized analysis of your results. LearningExpress Library™ 3.0 Coming to Dayton Public Library September 20, 2013 Latest Edition Boasts New Features and Improved User Interface Dayton, IA, 9/20/2013 — The latest version of the most-loved and now more powerful online learning resource for academic and career development has arrived at the Dayton Public Library. LearningExpress Library 3.0, from LearningExpress, LLC—known for basic skills improvement in reading, writing, math, and basic sciences and test preparation for academic and career testing—features a new tutorial and test-preparation platform, with easier access to skill-building resources and new features designed to help students and adults prepare for success in school and in life. “LearningExpress Library 3.0 marks a major step forward for our flagship product,” said Barry Lippman, President and CEO at LearningExpress. “Our products have helped millions of people improve their academic skills, achieve educational goals, prepare for careers, and successfully enter the job market." Upgraded features in LearningExpress Library 3.0 include a sleek new format and user interface that provides easier access to content. Centers—a collection of related materials organized around a theme or classification of user including School (grades 4–12), College, GED® Test Prep, College Preparation, Career, Adult Learning, and Recursos para Hispanhoblantes (Spanish) Centers—make it easier for adults and students to locate the resources they need when they need it. Patrons can search and access tutorials before signing into and downloading content to their secure personalized portfolios, “My Center.” The new test preparation features includes three modes:1) learner, 2) exam, and 3) simulation. These practice modes help students and adults prepare for a wide range of academic exams—such as the GED® test, COOP, HSPT®, SAT*, ACT®, AP*, PSAT/NMSQT*, ACCUPLACER®, ASSET®, and COMPASS®, career certification tests such as NCLEX-RN®, Praxis I® and II®, and more, and build skills in math, reading, writing, and basic sciences. The three modes allow the user to 1) view answers during testing, 2) practice in untimed mode to learn the material and 3) practice in timed modes to improve test readiness. LearningExpress tutorials have always helped learners improve basic skills with answer feedback and recommended learning paths. The new tutorial design provides even more feedback and guidance, including unit and lesson reviews, pre- and post-tutorial assessment tests and quizzes, and study plans with links to content for additional learning. Stop by the Dayton Public Library to learn how you can have online access to these extremely beneficial learning resources for work and school—anytime, anywhere.Access the library’s LearningExpress account by visiting: http://www.youseemore.com/nilc/Dayton/ LearningExpress, LLC, is an educational technology company founded with the mission to help adult and student learners improve basic skills required for academic and career success. The company helps millions of adults and students each year across the United States and Canada. Visit LearningExpress, LLC at www.learningexpressllc.com. GED® is a registered trademark of the American Council on Education, used under license. HSPT is a registered trademark of the Scholastic Testing Service Inc. AP and SAT are registered trademarks of the College Board. ACT is a registered trademark of ACT, Inc. PSAT/NMSQT is a registered trademark of the College Board and National Merit Scholarship Corporation. ACCUPLACER is a registered trademark of the College Board. ASSET and COMPASS are registered trademarks of ACT, Inc. These companies were not involved in the production of, and do not endorse, these products. The Dayton Public Library serves Dayton and surrounding communities.Please check the library’s web site for more information:http://www.youseemore.com/nilc/Dayton/ or stop by the library Monday/Wednesday/Friday 11 am-6 pm or Saturday 9-noon. For more information, contact Tanya Campbell, director, at 515-547-2700 or dpl@lvcta.com. # # #

LearningExpress Library-GED (R) 2014 Resources

You are likely aware that the official GED® test is changing on January 2, 2014. We want to let you know that we are updating the new LearningExpress Library platform (version 3.0), to provide preparation resources to meet the new 2014 test specifications.

Here is what you need to know about the changes to the test:
•   The new GED® test will launch on January 2, 2014.
•   Current GED® test scores will expire in 2013—they will not carry forward.
•   Users will ONLY be able to take the new test on a computer. There will no longer be a paper-and-pencil version of the test.
•   For more information about the GED® 2014 test, please visit the official GED® Testing Services website http://www.gedtestingservice.com
We will remove the entire GED® Test Prep Center and associated materials from LearningExpress Library 3.0 on January 2. Users must complete all LearningExpress Library GED® Test Prep Center work prior to this date, as the center will be removed to accommodate the new High School Equivalency Center. We will begin phasing in the new GED® 2014 test preparation resources in January 2014. Preparation for new, additional high school equivalency exams, the HiSET® and the TASC®, and Spanish GED® 2014 test preparation content will follow.

The GED® Preparation Center in LearningExpress Library 2.0 will be removed on December 30 as part of the phased retirement of the 2.0 platform. Effective January 2014, we will cease adding new content to LearningExpress Library 2.0 and the product will be retired on June 30, 2014.  Libraries with version 2.0 will receive new content, including the new GED® test preparation products and High School Equivalency Center, when they transition to LearningExpress Library 3.0.

Thank you for your continued use of LearningExpress Library™. We request that you forward this information to any associate who works with LearningExpress Library. Please contact Customer Service if you have any questions.


Your LearningExpress Team

*GED® is a registered trademark of the American Council on Education. Used under license.

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