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There were (thankfully) fewer alien enthusiasts at Area 51 than authorities expected

The day we had all been waiting for is finally here -- but it wasn't as exciting as expected. And that's probably for the best.

Sat, 21 Sep 2019 03:01:17 GMT
Vape stockpiling begins as US ban looms

The great "vapocalypse" has begun and the horsemen leading the charge are from New York and Michigan.

Sat, 21 Sep 2019 18:17:55 GMT
A police captain was killed after a routine traffic stop ended in a shootout

A Louisiana police captain was killed and another officer was wounded Friday after a routine traffic stop ended in a shootout, CNN affiliate WVUE reported.

Sat, 21 Sep 2019 09:58:26 GMT
Thousands of abandoned medical records found in deceased doctor's abortion clinics

First, authorities discovered a spine-chilling 2,246 fetal remains in the Illinois garage of an abortion doctor after his death. Then, investigators found "thousands" of abandoned medical records across his abortion clinics in Indiana, the Indiana attorney general announced on Friday.

Sat, 21 Sep 2019 09:06:40 GMT
House passes short-term funding bill to avert a government shutdown

The House of Representatives on Thursday passed a bill to temporarily extend funding for the federal government and avert a shutdown at the end of the month.

Thu, 19 Sep 2019 20:31:04 GMT
Marianne Williamson entertained 9/11 conspiracy theories in 2012 interview

Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson once entertained 9/11 conspiracy theories on a radio show hosted by a prominent "truther" who claimed that the World Trade Center attacks were orchestrated by a "Zionist organized crime outfit."

Thu, 19 Sep 2019 22:47:55 GMT
Bernie Sanders campaign hits 1 million donors

Sen. Bernie Sanders has received contributions from 1 million donors, his 2020 campaign announced Thursday.

Thu, 19 Sep 2019 20:01:43 GMT
CNN announces details for LGBTQ town hall

Nine Democratic presidential candidates have accepted the Human Rights Campaign Foundation's invitation to participate in a CNN town hall next month focused on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer issues. HRC is billing the October 10 town hall in Los Angeles, "Power of our Pride," and it coincides with the 31st anniversary of National Coming Out Day on October 11. It will air live on CNN from 7 p.m. ET to 11:30 p.m. ET. HRC says it will be the largest audience for a Democratic presidential town hall devoted to LGBTQ issues.

Wed, 18 Sep 2019 19:23:45 GMT
YouTube won't take verified badges away from creators after backlash

YouTube is backtracking on changes it announced to its verification process following backlash from creators on its platform.

Sat, 21 Sep 2019 13:53:26 GMT
'Ad Astra' could be the hit 20th Century Fox needs

After a dismal run since the Disney acquisition closed in March, 20th Century Fox is looking to the stars to help right the ship.

Fri, 20 Sep 2019 18:12:54 GMT
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