Reviews for On my papa's shoulders

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The view from Papa’s shoulders is sometimes the best view in the whole world. In an endearing homage to fathers and sons, a boy relates his daily routine of walking to school with different family members. Our young narrator tells us that walks to school with Mama take them past the rumble and flash of fast traffic, cars and trucks and feet moving to their own beats; walks to school with Mama always end with kisses. When he walks with Gogo, they veer off the beaten path to avoid the busy roads, and with Tata, who has to stop to rest, the walk ends with a super big hug. But on the rare days when Papa walks him to school before heading to work, our narrator is treated to the grandest view—from atop strong shoulders, overlooking the world. Daly delivers the tale with musicality and joy through uncomplicated yet poignant prose. He captures the feelings of a simple routine with a delight that’s refreshing, witty, and just plain fun. With fluid lines highlighted with primary colors, the art is imbued with the same energy, bringing to life a child-centered world. The boy and his family are Black; references to Gogo and Tata (Zulu words for grandmother and grandfather, respectively) suggest a South African setting. (This book was reviewed digitally.) A wonderful tribute to the father-son bond. (Picture book. 4-7) Copyright © Kirkus Reviews, used with permission.