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Spur Awards
Bad country.
Click James Lee Burke
Light of the world : a Dave Robicheaux novel
2012 (Western Short Novel)
Click by Matthew P Mayo
Tucker's reckoning : a Ralph Compton novel
2012 (Western Long Novel)
Click Larry D Sweazy
The Coyote tracker
2012 (Original Mass Market Paperback)
Click Thomas Cobb
With blood in their eyes

Review »
2012 (Western Short Novel)
Click Johnny D. Boggs
Legacy of a Lawman: A Western Story

Review »
2012 (Western Long Novel)
Click Stephen Harrigan
Remember Ben Clayton

Review »
2012 (Original Mass Market Paperback)
Click Johnny D. Boggs
West Texas Kill
2011 (Western Short Novel)
Click Richard S. Wheeler

Review »
2011 (Western Long Novel)
Click Lucia St. Clair Robson
Last Train from Cuernavaca
2011 (Original Mass Market Paperback)
Click Max McCoy
Damnation Road
2010 (Western Short Novel)
Click Robert Olmstead
Far Bright Star
2010 (Western Long Novel)
Click Robert Flynn
Echoes of Glory
2010 (Original Mass Market Paperback)
Click John D. Nesbitt.
Stranger in Thunder Basin
2009 (Western Short Novel)
Click Craig Johnson.
Another mans moccasins

Review »
2009 (Western Long Novel)
Click Thomas Cobb.
Shavetail : a novel

Review »
2009 (Original Mass Market Paperback)
Click John D. Nesbitt.
Trouble at the Redstone
2009 (First Novel)
Click by Carol Buchanan.
Gods thunderbolt : the vigilantes of Montana
2008 (Western Nonfiction Biography)
Click Meredith Mason Brown
Frontiersman: Daniel Boone and the Making of America

Review »
2008 (Western Novel)
Click Aryn Kyle
The God of Animals
2009 (Western Nonfiction Historical)
Click Richard C. Rattenbury ; foreword by E. Norman Flayderman.
Hunting the American West : the pursuit of big game for life, profit, and sport from 1800-1900
2009 (Western Nonfiction Contemporary)
Click Linda Peavy & Ursula Smith.
Full-court quest : the girls from Fort Shaw Indian School, basketball champions of the world

Review »
2009 (Juvenile Fiction)
Click Tanya Landman.
I am Apache

Review »
2009 (Juvenile Nonfiction)
Click by Frank Keating, Paintings by Mike Wimmer.
The trial of Standing Bear
2009 (Storyteller Award)
Click Alison L. Randall ; illustrated by Bill Farnsworth.
The wheat doll

Review »
2008 (Nonfiction Contemporary)
Click Robert M. Utley
Lone Star Lawmen: The Second Century of the Texas Rangers

Review »
2008 (Young Readers)
Click Johnny D. Boggs
Doubtful Canon
2007 (Western Novel)
Click Elizabeth Crook
The Night Journal
2007 (Nonfiction Contemporary)
Click Dennis L. Swibold
Copper Chorus: Mining, Politics and the Montana press
2007 (Young Readers)
Click Joseph Bruchac

Review »
2006 (Western Novel - tie)
Click  Johnny D. Boggs
Camp Ford: A Western Story

Review »
2006 (Western Novel - tie)
Click Loren D. Estleman
The Undertakers Wife

Review »
2006 (Novel of the West)
Click Willard Wyman
High Country: A Novel

Review »
2006 (Young Readers)
Click Diane Lee Wilson
Black Storm Comin

Review »
2005 (Western Novel)
Click Rick Steber
Buy the Chief a Cadillac

Review »
2005 (Novel of the West)
Click Michael Gear
People of the Raven
2005 (Young Readers)
Click Mary Cronk Farrell
Fire in the Hole

Review »
2004 (Western Novel)
Click Brian Hall
I Should Be Extremely Happy In Your Company

Review »
2004 (Novel of the West)
Click Win Blevins
So Wild A Dream

Review »
2004 (Young Readers)
Click Cody Kimmel
In The Eye of the Storm: The Adventures of Young Buffalo Bill

Review »
2003 (Western Novel)
Click Sandra Dallas
The Chili Queen

Review »
2003 (Novel of the West)
Click Debra Magpie Earling
Perma Red

Review »
2003 (Young Readers)
Click Jeanette Ingold
The Big Burn

Review »
2002 (Best Western)
Click Elmer Kelton
The Way of the Coyote

Review »
2002 (Novel of the West)
Click Brady Udall
The Miracle Life of Edgar Mint

Review »
2002 (Best Juvenile)
Click Gloria Skurzynski,

Review »
2001 (Western Novel)
Click Mike Blakley
Summer of Pearls

Review »
2001 (Novel of the West)
Click Stephen Harrigan
The Gates of the Alamo

Review »
2001 (Best Juvenile)
Click Erika Tamar
The Midnight Train Home
2000 (Western Novel)
Click Richard S. Wheeler
2000 (Novel of the West)
Click Ellen Recknor
Prophet Annie

Review »
2000 (Best Juvenile)
Click Brian Burks

Review »
1999 (Western Novel)
Click Loren Estleman
Journey of the Dead

Review »
1999 (Novel of the West)
Click Jane Smiley
The All-True Travels and Adventures of Liddie Newton

Review »
1999 (Best Juvenile)
Click Ben Mikaelson

Review »
1998 (Western Novel)
Click Cynthia Haseloff
The Kiowa Verdict

Review »
1998 (Novel of the West)
Click Larry McMurtry
Comanche Moon

Review »
1998 (Best Juvenile)
Click Patricia Willis
Danger Along the Ohio

Review »
1996 (Western Novel)
Click Will Camp
Blood of Texas
1996 (Novel of the West)
Click Richard Wheeler

Review »
1996 (Best Juvenile)
Click Will Hobbs
Far North

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