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Bram Stoker Awards
2011 (Best Novel)
Click Joe McKinney
Flesh Eaters
2011 (Best Nonfiction)
Click Rocky Wood
Stephen King: A Literary Companion

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2010 (Best Novel)
Click Peter Straub
A Dark Matter

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2010 (Best First Novel)
Click Benjamin Kane Ethridge
Black and Orange
2010 (Best First Novel)
Click Lisa Morton
Castle of Los Angeles
2010 (Best Nonfiction)
Click Gary A. Braunbeck
To Each Their Darkness
2009 (Best Novel)
Click Sarah Langan
Audreys Door

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2009 (Best First Novel)
Click Hank Schwaeble
2009 (Best Nonfiction)
Click Michael Knost
Writers Workshop of Horror
2008 (Best Novel)
Click Sarah Langan
The Missing

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2008 (Best First Novel)
Click Joe Hill
Heart-Shaped Box
2008 (Best Nonfiction)
Click Jonathan Maberry & David F. Kramer
THE CRYPTOPEDIA: A Dictionary of the Weird, Strange and Downright Bizarre
2007 (Best Novel)
Click Stephen King
Liseys Story
2007 (Best First Novel)
Click Jonathan Maberry
Ghost Road Blues

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2007 (Best Nonfiction - tie)
Click Michael Largo
Final Exits: The Illustrated Encyclopedia of How We Die
2007 (Best Nonfiction - tie)
Click Kim Paffenroth
Gospel of the Living Dead: George Romeros Vision of Hell on Earth

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2006 (Best Novel - tie)
Click David Morrell

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2006 (Best Novel - tie)
Click Charlee Jacob
Dread in the Beast
2006 (Best First Novel)
Click Weston Ochse
Scarecrow Gods
2005 (Best Novel)
Click Peter Straub
In the Night Room

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2005 (Best First Novel)
Click John Everson
2005 (Young Readers - tie)
Click Clive Barker
Abarat: Days of Magic, Nights of War

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2005 (Young Readers - tie)
Click Steve Burt
Oddest Yet
2004 (Best Novel)
Click Peter Straub
Lost Boy Lost Girl

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2004 (Best First Novel)
Click Brian Keene
The Rising

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2004 (Young Readers)
Click J.K. Rowling
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

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2003 (Best Novel)
Click Tom Piccirilli
The Night Class
2003 (Best First Novel)
Click Alice Sebold
The Lovely Bones

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2003 (Young Readers)
Click Neil Gaiman

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2002 (Best Novel)
Click Neil Gaiman
American Gods

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2002 (Best First Novel)
Click Michael Oliveri
Deadliest of the Species
2002 (Young Readers)
Click Yvonne Navarro
The Willow Files
2001 (Best Novel)
Click Richard Laymon
The Traveling Vampire Show

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2001 (Best First Novel)
Click Brian A. Hopkins
The Licking Valley Coon Hunters Club
2001 (Young Readers)
Click Nancy Etchemendy
The Power of Un

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2000 (Best Novel)
Click Peter Straub
Mr. X.

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2000 (Best First Novel)
Click J.G. Passarella

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2000 (Young Readers)
Click J.K. Rowling
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

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1999 (Best Novel)
Click Stephen King
Bag of Bones

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1999 (Best First Novel)
Click P.D. Cacek
Night Prayers
1999 (Young Readers)
Click Ellen Steiber
Hungry Ghosts
1998 (Best Novel)
Click Janet Berliner
Children of the Dusk
1998 (Best First Novel)
Click Kristen Bakis
Lives of the Monster Dogs

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1997 (Best Novel)
Click Stephen King
The Green Mile
1997 (Best First Novel)
Click Owl Goingback

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