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Classroom Video On Demand: Master Collection

 High school level videos on a wide variety of subjects


Salem Press EBooks:  *see password sheet*

             The Ancient World, Prehistory -    476 c.e.
             The Middle Ages
             The Renaissance & Early Modern Era
             17th Century
             18th Century
             19th Century
             The Twentieth Century
             Notorious Lives
             Musicians and Composers of the 
             Twentieth Century

 Great Events from History
             The Ancient World, Prehistory - 476 c.e.
             The Middle Ages, 477-1453
             The Nineteenth Century
             The Twentieth Century
             Modern Scandals
  Decades: The Twenties in America
             The Thirties in America
             The Sixties in America
  Defining Moments in American History:
             Exploration & Colonial America (1492-1755)

World History: Ancient/Medieval Era
World History: The Modern Era
American History

Gale Virtual Reference Google CLassrom   *see password sheet*

Science in Context
Articles, Videos, Audio Files, and other science


  • Alternative Energy
  • American Decades
  • American Law Yearbook 2011: A Guide to the Year's Major Legal Cases and Developments
  • CaseBase, Vol. 2: Case Studies in Global Business
  • Encyclopedia of Education, ed. 2
  • Encyclopedia of Religion, ed. 2
  • Encyclopedia of World Biography, ed. 2
  • History Behind the Headlines: The Origins of Conflicts Worldwide
  • New Dictionary of the History of Ideas
  • Novels for Students, Vol. 1-16
  • Schirmer Encyclopedia of Film
  • Scholarships, Fellowships and Loans, ed. 29: A Guide to Education-Related Financial Aid Programs for                     Students and Professionals
  • The Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine, ed. 4
  • UXL Encyclopedia of Drugs and Addictive Substances
  • Worldmark Encyclopedia of the Nations, ed. 13
Infobase eBooks: Google CLassrom

Acids & Bases; Alexander Graham Bell & the Telephone; Alkali & Alkaline Earth Metals; Alzheimer's Disease; Atmosphere; ADHD; Biosphere; Carbon Chemistry;  Climate; Diabetes; Geosphere; Halogens & Noble Gases; Hemophilia; Humans & the Natural Environment; Hydrosphere;  Lathanides & Actinides; Metals; Metals & Metalloids; Nonmetals; Oceans; Parkinson's Disease; Periodic Table; Polar Regions; Renewable Energy; States of Matter: Gases, Liquids, & Solids; Suicide; Sustainability; Tetanus; Transition Metals

Cleopatra; Condoleezza Rice; Madam C.J. Walker; Rosa Parks; Tony Hawk


Ancient & Hellenistic Thought; Celebrating Women in American History; Civil War; Contemporary Thought; Famous Trials in History; The French Revolution & the Rise of Napoleon; The Great Depression & the New Deal;
Medieval & Modern Philosophy; Prohibition Era; Salem Witch Trials

Algebra; Beyond Geometry; Geometry; Mathematics and the Laws of Nature; Numbers

EBSCO Google CLassroom


An index of 1800 periodicals and 100 reference books in the areas of general reference, business, and health. Many of the articles are full text and the databases are updated daily.

History Reference Center · Health Source: Consumer Edition · Explora Secondary Schools · Literary Reference Center · NoveList · Points of view · Salud en Espanol · Referencia Latina · MasterFILE Premier · Professional Development Collection · Science Reference Center · TopicSearch · Biography Reference Bank (H.W. Wilson) · Biography Reference Center · MAS FullTEXT Ultra School Edition · Newspaper Source

          World Monarchies and Dynasties
          The Settlement of America
          Encyclopedia of the Jazz Age
          Encyclopedia of the Great Depression and the New Deal
          Encyclopedia of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era
          The Early Republic and Antebellum America
          Democratic, Republican and Third Parties in America
          Colonial America
          The Civil War Era and Reconstruction
          American Presidential Campaigns and Elections

All of our EBSCO databases are funded by the New Jersey State Library, which is responsible for the coordination, promotion and funding of the New Jersey Library Network, and by the Institute of Museum and Library Services through the Library Services and Technology Act. Additional databases are partially subsidized through our membership in the New Jersey Library Network.

Grolier Educational Multimedia
Encyclopedia Americana
The New Book of Popular Science
Lands and Peoples
          Countries and Cultures of the World
1100 world newspapers in 73 languages

Global Road Warrior
Information about countries and cultures


Salem Press Critical Insights  *see password sheet*
Jane Austen;T.S. Eliot; Ernest Hemingway; Barbara Kingsolver; Gabriel Garcia Marquez; Edgar Allan Poe
The Canterbury Tales; Pride and Prejudice
THEMES:  The Hero's Quest; The American Comic Book
CRITICAL SURVEYS:  Graphic Novels Heroes & Superheroes


Teen Health and Wellness Google CLassrom
Articles and teen health and well being

Infobase Health Reference Center Google CLassrom
Articles, Videos, Illustrations, and other health resources

Salem Press Science  *see password sheet*
The Solar System
Encyclopedia of Mathematics & Society
Applied Science

Earth's Weather, Water, and Atmosphere
Physics and Chemistry of the Earth
Forensic Science
Encyclopedia of Global Warming

Salem Press Health  *see password sheet*
Psychology and Mental Health
Addictions and Substance Abuse
Infectious Diseases & Conditions

Noodlebib Google Drive 
Web-based MLA & APA bibliographic software for students.

 Union Public Library Databases 

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LearningExpress Library can be accesssed through Union Public Library Databases. 

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Career Center




  • African-American History
  • American History
  • Ferguson's Career Guidance CenterTop Careers with a Two-Year Degree Online
  • Issues & Controversies
  • Bloom's Literature
  • Writer's Reference Center
  • Mid/High School eBook Subscription Collection







  • American Government
  • American History
  • American Mosaic: The African American Experience
  • American Mosaic: The American Indian Experience
  • American Mosaic: The Latino American Experience
  • Daily Life through History
  • Issues: Understanding Controversy and Society
  • Modern GenocideDatabase
  • Pop Culture Universe: Icons, Idols, Ideas
  • United States Geography
  • World at War: Conflict and Society
  • World Geography: Understanding a Changing World
  • World History: Ancient and Medieval Eras
  • World History: The Modern Era
  • World Religion: Belief, Culture, and Controversy
  • Health and Wellness Issues
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