Sounds Crazy 2012

Al Simmons Entertains Our Audiences - June 2, 2012

Comic musician and inventor, Al Simmons’ antics, bad puns, and wacky hats gave our audiences plenty of giggles and belly laughs at the first of the jointly sponsored library and parish parks and recreation department’s 2012 summer programs.  Simmons, a Canadian children’s entertainer and television star, traveled to south Louisiana to perform his “Sounds Crazy” show for several parish library systems.  A three time recipient of the Parent Choice Award for his CDs, Simmons performed a few of his hit tunes and explained the science behind the music he produces with his bizarre homemade instruments.  His program included solos for a plastic straw, wooden ruler, turkey baster, copper tubing, tin can, modified harmonica, and a fifteen foot expanse of plastic pipe.  It was amazing and fun, and no doubt inspired a few in the audience to look at home for “trash” and “found objects” to create their own crazy musical sounds. 

Al performed at the Port Allen Community Center at 10 a.m. and the Addis Community Center at 1:00 p.m. for audiences totally four hundred children and adults.

Al has a nice website for learning how to make a variety of musical instruments from the “trash” you might have at home.  He also gives a simple scientific explanation for how sound is produced by each of the suggested instruments.

A Musical Exploration of Everyday Things