Haiku Poem Class

Postcard Poems

On July 17 &18, Johnette Downing showed us how to write postcard poetry. We didn't know we were poets. But we are. Now we're published poets, too.

John Downing is an award winning musician, children's book author and Haiku Poet. Here's the Haiku poetry the children wrote.


Winter Frost-

Freezes my

Bare hands

            Andrew (Addis, LA)


Brown monkeys

Swing on green vines-

I watch

              Mallory (Brusly, LA)



It's a summer-

Bats are dinging

Stealing bases like a pro

                Ethan (Addis, LA)


Orange fruit delicious-

Like a beautiful summer sun

In a rain puddle

               Samari ( Addis, LA)


Music is lovely

Sweet to my ears-

Birds listen proudly

                Alexis (Addis, LA)


Cold winter nights

Looking up at stars-

Tigers growl loudly

               Robert ( Brusly, LA)


Baseball players

Hit home runs-

To the sun

           Coles (Addis, LA)


Summer time

Listening to music and texting-


             Kennedi (Addis, LA)




Blowing bubbles

Like rain in the Amazon

               Madison (Brusly, LA)


Middle of summer

Dry, hot days-

Thirsty for rain

                 Judy (Addis, LA)


Fans cheering

Bases stolen-

Home run in progress

                   Devin (Brusly, LA)


Autumn leaves fall-

We jump


                      Kynleigh (Addis, LA)


Frog jumps

Poud lily to pond lily-

Gulp! A fly!

                      Austin (Addis, LA)



Riding horse

Jumping in pool!

Splash! Splash!

                         Kyle ( Erwinville, LA)


Fluffy gerbils

Eating seeds-

Wheeling around me

                         Olivia (Zachary, LA)


Summer ball

Home field line drive-

Mikee gets him out

                          Keegan (Tarbert, LA)


Cake is smooth-

I eat it


                          DJ (Brusly, LA)



Swing the bat-


                       Ashley (Addis, LA)