Young Adult



The Young Adult Department of the Hays Public Library is a space devoted to teens. The collection, computer lab, programs and more are all for local teens. To improve our space we have several expectations from you:

  •         You must be in the 6th-12th grade (or 12 years old)
  •         Outside drinks need to have a lid.
  •         Snacks provided by the library are a privilege, and should be treated as such.
  •         During the times school is not in session, we keep the area exclusively for teens. Adults and younger folks are allowed to come in and look for a book, but teens have priority to this area.
  •         Respect library property
  •         Respect the property of others
  •         Respect others using the library
  •         Keep your hands to yourself
  •         Use appropriate language
  •         Pick up after yourself
  •         Use your indoor voice
  •         You are responsible for your belongings. Place them in a cubby. Cubbies are video-monitored. Staff is not responsible for your belongings.
  •         We have a phone available for you to call local numbers. If you need to use a cellphone, please make calls briefly and quietly.

Inability to follow the guidelines listed above will result in a warning


YA Librarian

Vera Haynes

(785) 625-9014

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