E-Books Help

E-Books & Overdrive.com Tutorial Notes:

Getting Started:

· Patrons all go to same page

· Guided Tour of the website (for new patrons & refreshers)

· Help files are VERY helpful!

- (Digital Media Help – More like a book)

- (Beta Version – asks you a series of questions to figure out what you need)



Step 1: Choose your library from library list

Step 2: Search: (i.e.: James Patterson)

*Note: there may be different formats so titles may appear more than once

Step 3: Click on specific item to get item information

- Library Copies: All Participating Libraries

- Number of Parts i.e.: number of CD’s in audio book

- Digital Rights: tells what you can/cannot do with material (@bottom of page)

Step 4: Check-out

- Add item to Cart

- Then continue browsing OR proceed to check-out


* Also: YOU CAN ONLY HAVE 10 ITEMS AT A TIME! (On Checkout Screen @bottom of the page)

- Patrons can choose to check-out items for longer/shorter period of time

(automatically expires after that time – all set to max time by default)

Step 5: Confirm Check-out

- You get what you choose! No more, no less.


Options for Searching & Browsing:

1. Recent Purchases

2. Available Audio Books

3. Always Available Audio Books – (limitless checkouts – MOSTLY CLASSICS – but lots of other things too!) – (subscription renews every October, voting based on stats)

Searching Options:

1. Creator Search – by: author/narrator/artist/band/director/actors/based on book author/etc…

2. Advanced Search – can fill in as much/little info. as they like

Ways to Limit Searches:

· By publishers (i.e.: Radio Classics Inc. – radio programs/radio shows)

· By subject (not very consistent, good for browsing, but not so much for specific titles/items)

· By date added (helpful if we know when it was ordered)


Other Options in Searching: We Can…

· Change the number of results per page

· Change the order the results are in

· Show only available items (not currently on hold or checked out)

*Note: What you type is what you get!! (You must spell it correctly! To help, cut back on your search, for example just use the author’s last name if you’re having trouble.)

*FORMATS: LIMITED BASED ON DEVICES! (Talk about later – not all formats will play on all devices!! (i.e.: Mac’s don’t work with Windows))

My e-Account:

- My e-Cart

- Lending periods

- My downloads

- My e-Holds

- Wish lists

- Rated items

- My mobipocket



· Patrons need to check their hold lists & watch for emails when they get close to #1 priority for the item

· Holds are ACTIVE FOR 2 DAYS ONLY!! (Computer automated, sorry!)


Wish List:

· Not sure? No space left? Wish list it!

· Works well for book series’

· Items DO NOT drop off of your wish list – you have to physically remove them yourself – even if you check it out, it will stay there until you remove it!

My Mobipocket:

· Requires extra registration step (only difference w/ this device)


My Downloaded Items:

· List of what they have out right now

· Gives “Download” button (Blue Button)


Community Reserve:

· Available to us and/or other libraries, but if we add it, then we can control it and/or pull it (if we need to)

Advantage Program:

· Large number of libraries sharing material


Individual libraries have the option of building their own private collection that is only available to that library’s patrons - SYMBOL:

Addition eBooks: Available at Guttenberg Institute website

· FREE!!

· Gives an option that takes you to this website

· Can access this through the site – don’t even need a library card

· Doesn’t count for 10-book limit





· Check compatible/incompatible device list

-if it is not on the list, then it hasn’t been tested, all you can do is check for yourself



· Over Drive Media Console – HANDLES EVERYTHING!

-Download the version they need based on the device the have

-Free App. Through App. Store for Smart Phones

-Computers are better than mobile devices (recommended)

· Adobe Digital Editions – all other eBooks on this –MOST USED!!

- When they plug in their device, they can click and drag from list onto device

-This would be downloaded on screen (desktop)

- Status on right

· Sony Reader – software should already be on their computer

· Mobipocket – least used



· Play

· Transfer to your device (player)

· Burn (if it’s a title you are able to burn – it may not be)

· Download – gives you the option to download all parts and delete them as you go, if you want

· Properties – lets you know what you’re allowed to do w/ materials you have checked out

HELP FILES – HELP OPTIONS: Helpful Tutorials

· Website : www.bcpl.org/_klu

~Help Files will be on the right

· Device Options:

· eBook reader specification sheets



“Security Upgrade” Error:

· Happens to first time users

STEPS: Go to Microsoft website, overdrive media console, tools, windows media upgrade, click “ok” until its finished – only have to do this once

“Check-out May Have Expired” Message:

· This may be a licensing error or

· You may be trying to play it from a computer that did not download the item originally

· The usual problem is that they are trying to play it on a computer that is slower than the computer that they downloaded it on - if this is the case:

- Re-download the licensing, then the “parts” will be able to play

*Note: Licensing tells the computer that it is allowed to play it)