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Inventive book display at R.T. Arnold Library: 
"Go on a Blind Date with a Book". 
Get a kiss, too--(Hershey, that is)! 
Maybe you'll discover a favorite new author or genre this way.

Frontier Culture Museum "Soundtrack of America"



To Be Sold Exhibition: Virginia and the American Slave Trade

Currently on display at Boydton Public Library, 1294 Jefferson Street, Boydton VA, through October 17th.

9:15 am to 4:45 pm daily, Monday-Friday




Moble Stem Lab at Boydton Public Library


Summer Reading Program at R. T. Arnold Library

Summer Reading Program at the R. T. Arnold Library

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MCPL Mission Statement

The Mecklenburg County Public Library provides its communities with materials and services to help residents obtain information meeting their educational, vocational, cultural, personal, and recreational needs. Special emphasis is placed on stimulating children's interests as well as promoting all users’ appreciation for reading and lifelong learning. The library functions as an essential part of the community.