Bulletin Board and Pamphlet Policy

Space limitations on bulletin boards require that preference be given to materials and pamphlets produced by governmental agencies or other organizations possessing broad community support that publicize activities, information, or opportunities that are of clear interest or importance to the community. Unsolicited brochures, pamphlets, and notices of meetings, sales, cultural activities and other events may be posted on the bulletin board, or placed in other public areas for distribution, space permitting, with the following exceptions:
1. Materials of profit-making groups advertising products or services for sale (except for materials used to promote the use of library materials) will not be permitted.
2. Materials which have not been approved by the designated staff member will not be posted.
The Mecklenburg County Public Library reserves the right to exclude any material based on lack of space, commercial intent, or inappropriateness of material for public display.

The Branch Supervisor, in consultation with the Library Director, will determine whether the material meets the stated criteria. The Library Board will be the final arbiter in the case of an adverse decision by the Library Director. In the event of an adverse decision regarding posting or distribution of an item, the library will provide a written explanation as to why the posting was denied, upon written request by the organization.

Display or distribution of any item covered by this policy does not indicate support by the library for the organization, event, activity, or information being publicized, nor does rejection indicate lack of support.