Interlibrary Loan Policy

Interlibrary Loan Policy
Specific materials not owned by the Mecklenburg County Public Library System will be ordered for patrons of the library. Identification of available lenders and placement of the request with the loaning library will be completed as quickly as possible. When the workload requires, priority will be given to those with academic deadlines.

The Mecklenburg County Public Library will charge no fee for this service. The borrower will be responsible for return postage. While most libraries loan at no expense, the borrower will be responsible for fees charged by the loaning library. The Mecklenburg County Public Library attempts to avoid borrowing materials from libraries charging fees.

Ordinarily, most materials can be borrowed from other libraries, but there are some exceptions. Generally, rare books, reference materials, hard to package items, etc. may not be borrowed. Some materials may be borrowed, but the loaning library will require that the material be used in our facility.

Materials are to be returned on time to the branch library from which they were borrowed. Late return of materials to our branch library delays our return of the material and jeopardizes our ability to borrow additional materials from that library. Therefore, the overdue charge on interlibrary loan materials is 25 cents per working day. Interlibrary loan materials are to be returned to the circulation desk and not placed in the book depository.

No more than three items may be loaned to a patron at one time.