Guidelines for Tutors

We welcome the use of our facilities by students requiring tutoring. We feel the library provides an excellent location for such activities. However, in order to avoid disruptions to the general public and staff, we must require the following of all students and tutors.
• The library must take into account the needs of other library users when allocating space for tutoring.
• Those wishing to use library space for tutoring should contact the branch supervisor by phone, fax, email, or in person for approval of tutoring sessions. This will allow the library to gauge the space available for all user needs and provide the best environment for all.
• Tutors are required to provide all available contact information including name, phone, cell phone, email, and proposed tutoring schedule to branch supervisor at least one week prior to planned tutoring sessions.
• Tutoring cannot begin until written approval is provided by branch supervisor.
• Tutors will be required to sign in, provide contact information, and the student’s name for each session.
• Tutors are required to directly supervise students at all times during scheduled tutoring sessions to ensure they abide by the Library Code of User Conduct. All library users are subject to the Library Code of Conduct and applicable sanctions will be applied for inappropriate behavior.
• The public schools require that the student not be left unattended by the tutor before, during, or after any tutoring session. In the event a child is left unattended, the library director will contact the sponsoring agency to inform them that a child was left unattended by the tutor. The library may revoke the tutor’s privilege of using library space for up a semester if a student is left without transportation.


Mecklenburg County Public Library
Request for Tutoring Space
(Please provide all available info.)
Prospective Tutor’s Request for Space:  (Please print)

Tutor Name: ___________________________________________

Date of Request: ____________
Address (to mail authorization if no fax #, etc.)
Phone:  (H):_________________   (Cell): _____________________ (W) __________________
Fax:  ________________________ Email:  _________________________________________
Proposed Tutoring Schedule:
Indicate Day & Time:
Mon. __________________________________
Tues. __________________________________
Wed. __________________________________
Thurs. __________________________________
Fri. __________________________________
Sat. __________________________________
Sun. __________________________________ (where applicable)
*All tutors agree to abide by the Mecklenburg County Public Library Tutor Guidelines.
Signature of Tutor: ________________________________________________________
Branch Supervisor Authorization:
I authorize the individual named above to tutor one student at my branch library during the days and hours indicated. 
Tutoring may begin on _____________________________ at _______________________.

Date of Authorization: ____________  Branch Supervisor Signature:  _____________________