Information For Children, Teens/Young Adults & Their Parents

The following is required for Internet use by children and teens under 18.

Libraries and librarians have a responsibility to provide access to material and information presenting all points of view. The Internet allows access to materials and information far beyond the library walls. Some of the information available, however, is inappropriate for young people. Because resources on the Internet are constantly changing and it is not possible for library staff or our computer filters to control or closely monitor specific information youth may locate on the Internet, the library has taken steps to make the Internet experience as pleasant and safe as possible for young people.

They are the following:

Under Age 12
Children under the age of 12 MUST be accompanied by a parent/guardian AT ALL TIMES when using the Internet. The parent/guardian must have signed the library's statement of responsible and ethical use.

Ages 12-17
Parents/guardians must sign a permission form for all 12 thru 17 year olds. Additionally, all young users ages 12-17 must sign a statement of responsible and ethical use - as do adult users.

It is the responsibility of the user, or parent or guardian to determine what is appropriate, to set standards, and to establish guidelines. Brief orientations to Internet use will be given to all users the first time they access the Internet.