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App alerts CPR-trained people to emergencies

Sudden cardiac arrest requires immediate CPR to prevent brain damage; a smartphone app connected to local 911 emergency systems alerts CPR-trained people within a quarter mile radius that their help is needed.

Tue, 25 Oct 2016 12:14:43 GMT
CPR kiosks ... learn to save a life in 5 minutes!

Hands-only CPR kiosks are now in America's busiest airports. CNN's Kelly Bowman reports on how a few minutes of training could help save a life.

Mon, 02 May 2016 16:56:29 GMT
Luxury watches get smarter

Fossil is investing in the smartwatch market and luxury brands like Michael Kors and Kate Spade are releasing their latest watches.

Tue, 25 Oct 2016 13:08:24 GMT
Could your fitness tracker sabotage your diet?

Wearable technologies can monitor your physical activity or your allergies. Increasingly, they are part of our everyday lives. But a new analysis comparing two sets of dieters discovered that those wearing activity trackers lost less, not more, weight than the tech-free dieters.

Wed, 19 Oct 2016 19:27:47 GMT
New screen time rules for kids, by doctors

Digital media exposure for children of all ages should be limited, according to new guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Fri, 21 Oct 2016 04:06:59 GMT
She's been sexually assaulted 3 times -- once in virtual reality

Jordan Belamire has been sexually assaulted three times. Twice in real life, and once in virtual reality.

Mon, 24 Oct 2016 22:53:32 GMT
South Koreans sue Samsung over Note 7 recall

Tue, 25 Oct 2016 08:51:53 GMT
LinkedIn hacking suspect identified by feds

Fri, 21 Oct 2016 23:44:07 GMT
Microsoft stock hits all-time high

Fri, 21 Oct 2016 16:59:41 GMT
Detailed new Milky Way map released

Scientists have used two of the world's largest telescopes to produce a new, super-detailed map of our galaxy.

Wed, 19 Oct 2016 23:59:14 GMT
Mars lander lost during descent

The European Space Agency (ESA) has confirmed the Schiaparelli spacecraft, which was expected to land on Mars on Wednesday, has been lost.

Thu, 20 Oct 2016 12:03:59 GMT
Meteor shower peaking overhead

The sky will put on a heck of a show tonight.

Fri, 21 Oct 2016 18:37:36 GMT
Meet the baby who was born twice

Margaret Boemer went for a routine ultrasound 16 weeks into her pregnancy with her third child. She quickly found out that things were far from routine.

Thu, 20 Oct 2016 21:50:48 GMT
Venturi smashes EV land speed record

Supercharged presenter, Nicki Shields travels to Utah's legendary Bonneville Salt Flats to witness automotive history.

Mon, 24 Oct 2016 14:58:56 GMT
Facebook doubles down on its strategy for Live

Fri, 21 Oct 2016 18:57:35 GMT
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