Redbank Valley Public Library/newbethlehem/calendar.asp News and events happening at Redbank Valley Public Library en-us Copyright 2009, Redbank Valley Public Library 8/31/2016 12:03:17 PM Redbank Valley Public Library 112 75 BOOK CLUB <b>8/4/2016</b><br><br> Builder's Club - Pre-K-?? <b>8/6/2016</b><br><br>REDBANK VALLEY PUB LIC LIBRARY<br><br><div align="center">Builder's Club<br><br>10 AM - 11 AM<br><br>Legos!, Duplo and wooden blocks!!<br></div><br>Come and create!!<br><br>Pre-K - ???<br><br>Any questions call 275-2870<br> Meet and Greet <b>8/10/2016 9:00 a.m.</b><b> - 4:00 p.m.</b><br>Come and meet our new employees:Library Director, Janine Strohm and our library staff , Susan Kerr.<br>