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Monday Night at the Library

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Monday, July 13th at 6:30

Dr. Balthazar T. Archimedes

Free to All!
Young and Old and In-between
Come Cure What Ails You!

This program traces the development of American medicine shows from colonial times to the present, their influence then, and their continued impact to this day.

The Great Doctor demonstrates the devices and tactics used by 19th century medicine men as they plied their wares, touting the MIRACULOUS CURATIVE POWERS of that GOLDEN MAGIC ELIXIR!

Exciting News!!

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PMC Advantage Insurance Services and The IMT Group announced that the Burt Public Library is a Community Contest recipient!

Of more than 130 entries in this year's IMT Community Contest, we were chosen as one of the 20 $500 winners for our Early Childhood Development Project.  This is the 18th consecutive year that the IMT Group has awarded local communities with a project in need of funding!

We will use the money to purchase early childhood education materials and curriculum.  We are developing a new section of the library with early learning and teaching materials.  The grant will fund our endeavors.  The materials purchased will be designed to teach reading skills to new readers and help older readers who are struggling and need to boost their skills.  They will be available for check out. 

Please thank  PMC Advantage and the IMT Group for this generous contribution to our community.  And thank Vickie for applying for the grant on behalf of the library!


Activities and Events

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July Events

 1st - 3:00 Summer Reading Program Craft

 6th - 1:00 Blank Park Zoo

 8th - 3:00 Summer Reading Program Final Party

13th - 6:30 Great American Medicine Show