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Obama's 10 best lines at the White House Correspondents' Dinner

President Barack Obama appeared at his final White House Correspondents Dinner Saturday night, taking aim at everything from the media to Republicans to Donald Trump. Not even the Democrats vying to succeed him, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, were spared.

Sat, 30 Apr 2016 23:50:17 EDT
Obama vs. Trump the sequel

He's a real estate mogul, a reality show pioneer and now a political phenom on his way to becoming the Republican presidential nominee.

Sat, 30 Apr 2016 23:44:42 EDT
How a golf caddie became Trump's campaign confidant

Daniel Scavino was working a high school job cleaning golf clubs at the Briar Hall Country Club in New York's Hudson Valley when a man who would change his life pulled into the parking lot in a stretch limousine.

Fri, 29 Apr 2016 11:42:40 EDT
Cruz takes on Caitlyn Jenner over transgender fight

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is standing his ground in his belief that allowing transgender people to use the bathroom of their choice "opens the door for predators," dismissing criticism from Caitlyn Jenner, who mocked him over the issue last week.

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Sun, 01 May 2016 09:35:50 EDT
Clinton: I have experience with men 'off the reservation' like Trump

Hillary Clinton on Friday brushed off Donald Trump's sometimes personal attacks against her as him being "off the reservation" -- something she said she has experience with.

Sat, 30 Apr 2016 21:49:09 EDT
Unprecedented access to the White House to relive the bin Laden raid

Americans' memories of the killing of Osama bin Laden will forever be tied to a few iconic images.

Sun, 01 May 2016 00:32:56 EDT
Obama on bin Laden's death: 'The American people hadn't forgotten'

President Barack Obama said he hopes that in Osama bin Laden's last moments, the master terrorist understood that the U.S. had come for him to avenge the deaths of 3,000 people on September 11, 2001.

Sun, 01 May 2016 09:15:41 EDT
White House Correspondents' Dinner red carpet

Sun, 01 May 2016 00:32:33 EDT
Trump's new target: Sanders supporters

With the Republican presidential nomination within his grasp, Donald Trump is courting an unlikely group of voters: Bernie Sanders supporters.

Sat, 30 Apr 2016 09:21:29 EDT
Can Trump avoid a contested convention?

Donald Trump is facing a critical test in the final six weeks of the primary season: securing the 1,237 delegates needed to finally claim the Republican presidential nomination as his own.

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Sat, 30 Apr 2016 09:25:23 EDT
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