NPCC Library Computer Policy

Who may use the Library Computers?

NPCC students have priority use of the 23 available computers. Community members may use the computers if they are available, and should ask at the Desk for a log-in.  Computers may not be used by children 12 and under.

Is there a time limit?

Please observe a 30 minute time limit when other students are waiting.

Are library computers available for word processing? 

Yes, unless they are needed for library research use.  Priority is given to library research and student school assignments.

Will my work be saved on the Library Computers? Can I access my work from home?

No, not unless you save it to the Public P: Drive.  You will then be able to access your work from any campus computer, but not from off-campus. 

Save your work to a flash drive or email it to yourself for access from a home computer.

Are there other restrictions on computer use?

You may not change computer set-up and configurations. When using the Internet, keep in mind that privacy is not available and certain materials may be offensive to others. Changing settings or watching offensive material may result in the loss of computer privileges, and other consequences. (see the  NPCC Student Manual).

Who can use the research databases on the Library website?

Database usage off campus is limited to NPCC Students, Faculty, and Staff access only.  An NPCC ID number is required to log-in from off campus.

Is a printer available?

NPCC Students are given $50 free printing each semester. Papercut software tracks this debit balance for you. Additional printing may be purchased in $5.00 increments from the Library.  All printing accounts will expire at the end of the semester, no carryover.

How much is charged for printing?

Black and white copies are 10 cents per page. Color printing is not available in the Library.

Is Wireless access is available in the Library?

Yes.  However, there is no access to the NPCC network server or printers.

Revised 8/20/2012.