Policy on Materials Purchase, Donation, and Disposal

Revised October 21, 2010
Sara Seaman, Library Director


The Library purchases materials only through state approved vendors, following the policies dictated by the State of Arkansas for colleges and universities. The Library cannot purchase items from private individuals.

The Library welcomes donations of books, videos and other library materials. Gifts are accepted with the understanding that the library may dispose of them or add them to the collection at its discretion. All gifts must be approved by the Library Director or Librarian. Decisions to add gift books to the collection will be based on the same criteria as purchased ones. Other factors considered are duplication, processing costs, or inadequate space.

The Library assumes no responsibility for appraisal of gift items, nor can the Library accept gifts under restricted conditions.

Any monetary donations for the Library must go through the NPCC Foundation Board. Gifts will be placed in a category for library materials or equipment. A special bookplate will be placed in gift materials designated as “in memory of” or “in honor of” an individual. A letter will be sent to the family for all memorials. Donors will receive a letter acknowledging the donation (without a value estimate). The Library cannot segregate gifts on special shelves in honor of certain individuals.


The Library must receive permission from the State of Arkansas DFA – Marketing & Redistribution (M&R) Office to dispose of withdrawn library materials. Permission may be requested for donating the materials to another library or school, having a book sale, or disposing of unwanted items (M&R). The number of items and library to receive materials must be included in the letter.

Intellectual Freedom

The Library supports the American Library Association's Bill of Rights, its Intellectual Freedom Manual and its statement on Challenged Materials. The Library attempts to purchase materials which represent differing opinions on controversial matters. Selection is without partisanship regarding, race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or moral philosophy.