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Spring 2014 Series

                  "Isabella’s Sisters:  Women Creating Worlds"

In these fascinating memoirs and biographies, women create worlds, both real and fictional.  Each book is a detailed portrait of a strong influential woman, a woman capable of changing the course of history, art, culture or politics.


February 10 – Lakota Woman – Mary Crow Dog


March 3 – Lost in Translation – Eva Hoffman


March 24 – Isabella of Castille:  The first Renaissance Queen – Nancy Rubin


April 14 – Jazz Cleopatra:  Josephine Baker in Her Time – Phyllis Rose


May 5 – Frida:  A Biography of Frida KahloHayden Herrera


NEW: There are NO MORE sets of books available as of 2/3/2014.

All meetings take place at the Seneca Library  in the meeting room in the back of the building, from 6:30-8:30 p.m.  For more information, contact the Seneca Library at 882-4855.  The Seneca Library is located at 300 E. South Second Street, Seneca SC.