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Early Literacy

Five Steps to Getting your Child Ready to Read!

#1 Read  

Read together for at least 15 minutes a day.  Make reading a fun and relaxing experience.  As your child associates reading with good experiences, they will want to read more.  This builds print motivation.



#2 Writing

Reading and writing go together.  Both are ways to represent spoken words and to communicate information or tell stories. Once your child can grasp a tick crayon or marker, give him or her unlined paper and plenty of opportunities to draw and write.  Talk to your child about what he or she draws, ask questions, and respond to what your child says.  Writing helps children learn about print, letters, phonological awareness, vocabulary, and narrative skills.



#3 Talk

Talk with your child constantly.  Parent-child interaction is the best way to build your child's vocabulary.  Try not to talk at your child, but instead with your child to engage him/her in conversation that requires him/her to respond.  This builds vocabulary.



#4 Play

Play word games with your child.  For example, ask your child to find things on the store shelves that start with the first letter in his/her name.  This builds letter knowledge. 


#5 Sing

Sing songs with your child.  Traditional songs are a great way to connect children, parents, and gradparents and teach a sense of rhythm for language.  This builds phonological awareness.


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