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New York Times Bestsellers
Week of March 19, 2017
#1  (Last Week: - Weeks on List: 1)  
Dangerous Games
Book Jacket   Danielle Steel
#2  (Last Week: - Weeks on List: 1)  
Silence Fallen
Book Jacket   Patricia Briggs
#3  (Last Week: 1 Weeks on List: 5)  
Norse Mythology
 Neil Gaiman
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#4  (Last Week: 2 Weeks on List: 4)  
Lincoln In The Bardo
 George Saunders
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#5  (Last Week: - Weeks on List: 1)  
Exit West
Book Jacket   Mohsin Hamid
#6  (Last Week: 9 Weeks on List: 17)  
A Gentleman In Moscow
Book Jacket   Amor Towles
#7  (Last Week: 6 Weeks on List: 4)  
Heartbreak Hotel
 Jonathan Kellerman
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#8  (Last Week: 10 Weeks on List: 20)  
The Whistler
 John Grisham
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#9  (Last Week: 4 Weeks on List: 31)  
The Underground Railroad
Book Jacket   Colson Whitehead
#10  (Last Week: 8 Weeks on List: 3)  
A Piece Of The World
Book Jacket   Christina Baker Kline

#1  (Last Week: 1 Weeks on List: 2)  
Portraits Of Courage
 George W Bush
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#2  (Last Week: 2 Weeks on List: 33)  
Hillbilly Elegy
 J D Vance
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#3  (Last Week: 3 Weeks on List: 26)  
Killing The Rising Sun
Book Jacket   Bill O'Reilly and Martin Dugard
#4  (Last Week: - Weeks on List: 1)  
Dear Ijeawele
Book Jacket   Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
#5  (Last Week: 10 Weeks on List: 54)  
When Breath Becomes Air
 Paul Kalanithi
Book list From Booklist, Copyright American Library Association. Used with permission. 9780812988406 Can life remain full and rewarding even while one is living under a death sentence? This is the question now-deceased neurosurgeon Kalanithi asked himself after receiving a late-stage lung cancer diagnosis. Newly married and almost ready to complete his residency, at 34 Kalanithi was faced with a momentous decision: Should he continue with a promising medical career, or fall back on his first love of writing while taking care of his health? Fortunately for the readers of this moving memoir, he decided to do both. Kalanithi describes his life-changing decision to set aside the pursuit of a doctorate in literature in favor of attending medical school and then recounts the discovery and progress of his illness, along with the inevitable upheaval in his personal life. A precious highlight here is the heartrending epilogue penned by his wife, Lucy, following Kalanithi's passing shortly after she became pregnant. This eloquent, heartfelt meditation on the choices that make life worth living, even as death looms, will prompt readers to contemplate their own values and mortality.--Hays, Carl Copyright 2015 Booklist
Publishers Weekly (c) Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved 9780812988406 Author and physician Kalanithi had nearly completed his residency in neurosurgery at Stanford when he was diagnosed with Stage lV lung cancer at the age of 36. Despite the stubborn progression of his disease, Kalanithi was able to write, work, and delve into a number of profound issues before the end of his life, documented here (his wife provides the epilogue). As a youth in Arizona, Kalanithi was unsure whether he wanted to pursue medicine, as his father did, or if literature and writing were his calling. This inspiring memoir makes it clear that he excelled at both. Kalanithi shares his career struggles, bringing readers into his studies at Yale (including cadaver dissection), the relentless demands of neurosurgery, and the life-and-death decisions and medical puzzles that must be solved. After he begins cancer treatment, Kalanithi strives to define his dual role as physician and patient, and he weighs in on such topics as what makes life meaningful and how one determines what is most important when little time is left. He also shares the challenges of colleagues: an oncologist who walks a tightrope between hope and honest reality; a fellow doctor who commits suicide after losing a patient; Kalanithi's wife, also a doctor, bearing witness to her husband's decline even as she gives birth to their child. This deeply moving memoir reveals how much can be achieved through service and gratitude when a life is courageously and resiliently lived. (Jan.) Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved.
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#6  (Last Week: 4 Weeks on List: 21)  
The Book Of Joy
 the Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu with Douglas Abrams
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#7  (Last Week: 6 Weeks on List: 5)  
Big Agenda
Book Jacket   David Horowitz
#8  (Last Week: 7 Weeks on List: 21)  
The Magnolia Story
Book Jacket   Chip Gaines and Joanna Gaines with Mark Dagostino
#9  (Last Week: - Weeks on List: 1)  
South And West
 Joan Didion
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#10  (Last Week: 11 Weeks on List: 16)  
Thank You For Being Late
 Thomas L Friedman
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