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Blue Moon
by Lee Child
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Book list We all wish we knew just a little bit more about a lot of things and could put that knowledge into decisive action in our work and in our personal lives. A little bit smarter, a little bit more savvy, a whole lot braver. Which is why we can't get enough of Jack Reacher. He's a fantasy figure, sure, but he's no cartoon character; Jack is made of brains, muscles, reflexes, and instincts just like us but way, way more so. Which is why you can read a Jack Reacher novel and feel like it's, well, almost real. And that's enough, more than enough, for a couple of hours of frenzied page-turning. You know the drill: Reacher is on a bus, passing through a random town, when something catches his eye. This time it's an elderly man about to be robbed. Reacher intervenes, but, of course, there's more. The man and his wife are deeply in debt to loan sharks for the most unassailable of reasons (daughter with cancer, insurance scam), so Reacher sets out to help, quickly finding himself in the middle of a turf war between Ukrainian and Albanian gangs. What to do? Kill them all, naturally. Child's plot tropes the ticking clock, the innocents in need, the overwhelming odds are starting to feel as familiar as his set-up, and not always in a good way. But, finally, we just don't care. We're here to watch Reacher work, outthinking and outmuscling the whole damn world if necessary (it almost is, this time). Will we get tired of Reacher at some point, tired even of our own fantasies of supercompetence? Maybe, ...More