The Second Mountain
by David Brooks
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Book list In a time when hyperindividualism is the norm, bestselling conservative columnist Brooks (The Road to Character, 2015) presents a divergent outlook. Brooks' concept is simple. Most people live life on their first mountain, seeking personal growth and success. But attempting to summit the second proverbial mountain by focusing on others instead of ourselves, he asserts, will lead us to more fulfilled, joyous lives. Brooks provides historical context for how we strayed from a community-focused society to make the drastic leap to hyperindividualism before he delves into the tenets of his manifesto. His four commitments include dedication to family, a vocation, a philosophy or religion, and a community. His argument can be daunting, partly due to length but also because of the weighty examples Brooks provides it is difficult to picture ourselves striving to live our lives like Martin Luther King Jr. or Mother Theresa. But if readers can approach Brooks' core message with an open mind, potentially life-changing lessons can be found in this relevant and thought-provoking book.--Patricia Smith Copyright 2019 Booklist

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