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We're TEEN Superhero Headquarters!

meet every Tuesday and Thursday @ 2 pm
Week 1    June 2-movie-Big Hero 6
June 4-craft-Big Hero 6 sock craft
Week 2     Unmask Your Superpower
June 9-craft-Make A Mask
June 11-movie-Sky High
Week 3 Your Superpower
June 16-movie-Man of Steel
June 18-create a T-shirt cape
Week 4 Villan Week
June 23-create superhero magnets
June 25-movie- The Dark Knight
Week 5  DC Comics
June 30-movie-Green Lantern
July 2-perler beads craft

Week 6 Marvel Week
July 7-create a clay Groot
July 9-movie-Guardians of the Galaxy
Week 7 Super Gaming Week
July 14-movie-Dungeons and Dragons
July 16-games
Week 8 Super Foods
July 21-cup & coaster craft
July 23 movie-Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Week 9 COS Play
July 28-movie- The Incredibles
July 30-no program. Sign up for the After Hours party!
July 31-Sign up to come to the After Hours Party.



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