Adult Reference

The Reference and Adult Information Services Program is designed to assist Library
users who are 13 years of age and older in the use of the Library's resources for recreational, educational, business and/or personal needs.  Reference and information services are provided by a staff of professional librarians utilizing the library's collection of reference books, indexes, pamphlets, documents, periodicals, and electronic information resources, including the Internet.

Reference and Information services are provided during all hours the library is open. Library patrons may request services either in person, by telephone, FAX, mail or e-mail. Services provided include: retireval of information for patrons; assistance and instruction in the use of the online public access catalog and other electronic resources; assistance in locating specific information; and introducing patrons to specifc reference tools and their use.

Reference Librarians also assist the public in the use of the Library's Genealogy Collection, which contains over 3,000 books, microfiche, microfilm, periodicals and computerized databases