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In their previous collaborations, Patterson and Sitts reimagined the classic old-school action heroes Doc Savage and the Shadow. In their new novel, set in the present, Holmes, Marple, and Poe set themselves up as private investigators in New York City. Are they descended from the famous people who bore those names (two of whom, it must be noted, were fictional characters)? That’s one of the mysteries in this okay-but-not-great yarn. In fact, its biggest problem is the mysteries: there are too many of them. The investigators are juggling a bunch of cases, from a missing person to stolen art to a cold-case murder. The result? It’s difficult for them and, unfortunately, the reader to focus on any individual case. One strong case, with perhaps a second lesser case, might have made the story flow better and given the reader a better chance to get invested in the story. The writing is fine but undistinguished, and despite their famous surnames, none of the three leads is especially interesting. Recommended for Patterson completists; all others can safely give it a miss.HIGH-DEMAND BACKSTORY: Readers want Patterson, whatever he's up to, and the three names in the title add to the appeal.

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In this breezy thriller, Patterson and Sitts (coauthors of Circle of Death) introduce private eyes Brandon Holmes, Auguste Poe, and Margaret Marple as they tackle a series of cases involving murder, kidnapping, art theft, and fraud. The three have just set up an office in Brooklyn when they’re called to investigate the disappearance of brilliant, beautiful attorney Sloane Stone. The detectives quickly locate her, garnering loads of positive press—and the interest of the police, who feel threatened by their competence. From there, the PIs take on multiple investgations, many of them branching from the initial mystery. Patterson and Sitts have fun playing with reader expectations based on the protagonists’ famous namesakes: Poe, with his fabulous collection of vintage cars and eye for the ladies, whips out his Glock when confronted with evildoers; Holmes seems to have lost control of his drug habit; and the intrepid Miss Marple has the good looks to make her a man magnet. Each has friends in high and low places who help resolve most of the mysteries, robbing the proceedings of much suspense. Still, short chapters and brisk prose make for diverting-enough entertainment. This satisfies. Agent: Robert Barnett, Williams & Connolly. (Jan.)