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Materials Processing Services
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Myrna M. Barrera
Materials Processing Services

When a book is originally purchased or donated, it is not quite ready to go straight to the shelf. It has to undergo a process before ever making it to the Cataloging Department. Here enters Myrna. Her job seems fairly simple, but involves a series of complex steps before the book is aesthetically ready for public use. Each book has to be inspected for any physical flaws, a plastic jacket wrapped on books with delicate covers, spine labels that have the printed Call Number that makes finding a book so easy, a magnetic security strip for inventory control purposes, a Book Rules label and finally a stamp that contains return information should the book ever get lost. Once a book has gone to the shelves, if a patron returns a book damaged, it is up to Myrna to determine if that book is repairable and repair it; if not, it is then sent off site for rebinding for future use.