About Us

The Sharkey-Issaquena County Library seeks to provide for the needs of the citizens of Sharkey and Issaquena Counties by developing a collection that meets their needs for recreational, personal help with information, educational tools, and life-long learning experiences.

From 1967 until 2004, South Delta Library Services consisted of Yazoo County (Ricks Memorial Library) and Sharkey and Issaquena Counties (Sharkey-Issaquena County Library), which joined together for shared library services in the South Delta area.  Sharkey-Issaquena County Library became an independent entity on October 1, 2004.

Community Profile
The Sharkey-Issaquena County Library serves a two-county area covering 841 square miles with a combined population of 8,854 citizens.  The communities that are part of the area have a rich heritage of the land, a sense of community, and the strength of the people who live there.  The Blues, as well as the history of the “Teddy Bear,” can be traced to these two counties.

Friends of the Library
The Friends of the Library organization supports and enhances library services in several ways.  Membership forms are available at the Circulation Desk. 
Membership consists of the following formats:
$5   Student Friend
$10 Individual Friend
$15 Family Friend
$25 Contributing Friend
$50 Lifetime Friend