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Directions via AUTOMOBILE (Public Transportation below)

1. North or South via Garden State Parkway: Take Exit 145 (Route 280 West); then continue as in #6.

2. North or South on NJ Turnpike: Take Exit 15 West to Route 280 West; continue as in #6.

3. George Washington Bridge: Route 80 West to Garden State Parkway South to Exit 145 (Route 280 West); continue as in #6.

4. Lincoln Tunnel: Route 3 West to Garden State Parkway South to Exit 145 (Route 280 West); Continue as in #6.

5. Verrazano Bridge: NJ Turnpike North to Exit 15 West (Route 280 West); continue as in #6.

6. Route 280 West: Proceed to Exit 10 (Northfield Avenue). Turn right at the light onto Northfield Avenue: continue to Main Street. Bear right until you reach Scotland Road (approximately 1/2 mile from the 280 exit). Turn right onto Scotland Road. Proceed approximately 2 1/2 miles to Library (on your right). It is a brick building with our name on the front. Pass the Library and make a right turn at next corner (Taylor Place); turn right into parking lot.

7. Route 280 East: Proceed to Exit 9 (Mt. Pleasant Avenue). Turn left at second light onto Northfield Ave. and continue as in #6.

8. Route 78 East: Stay in local lanes when Route 78 divides into express and local. Exit at #49B (Maplewood) onto Springfield Ave. Pass the entrance to Route 24. Take the next jughandle to the right for Valley Street about 2 miles to So. Orange Ave. Cross So. Orange Avenue, where Valley Street is renamed Scotland Road. Go 1-1/2 blocks, pass the library, and make a left after the building and then a left again into the library parking lot.

9. Route 78 West: Exit at 50B (Millburn). Turn right at end of exit ramp. Go straight through the next traffic light and cross Springfield Avenue. Turn right at next light on to Valley Street and continue as in #8.


• Take NJ Transit train (Midtown Direct) or the 107 bus to South Orange Station. Or take the 92 bus to Sloan St. at 2nd St. and walk toward the train station entrance.
•Walk east on South Orange Avenue to Scotland Road (About 3 blocks, you will see a brick Village Hall with a Clocktower).
•Make a left onto Scotland Road and walk 2 more blocks. Library will be on your left, 65 Scotland Road.