Online Access Policy and Agreement

For your convenience, this is an abridged version of our library’s online Access Policy and Agreement, which includes the information that will be most helpful to you in using the Internet in the library. Please ask at the front desk for a full text copy of this policy. The Summit County Library Board of Trustees intends to meet and enforce the requirements of Utah Code Section 9-7-215 in providing Internet service to library patrons.

The Summit County Library System will:

  • Use filtering software to limit access to certain sites. However, if an adult patron would like to use an unfiltered computer they may notify the library staff and an adjustment will be made to allow for unfiltered access. The children’s Internet stations will be permanently filtered and will try to eliminate sites intended for mature audiences (this filtering software is currently the same that is used in Utah’s public schools). Access by minors to sites that contain obscene or pornographic materials is prohibited.

The Summit County Library System will NOT:

  • Guarantee that its filtering software will be totally effective.
  • Accept responsibility for the use of the Internet by children and young people. Responsibility for the use of all library materials, including Internet resources, rests with young people’s parents or legal guardians.

Users of our Internet service agree that they will:

  • Comply with the following Online Access Rules:
    • Use library card to reserve a computer.
    • Pay 10¢ per printed page
    • Use of this Internet terminal is limited to 30 min. or less when others are waiting.
  • Users should be aware that some sites do not provide a secure medium for transmitting personal information, such as; name, address, or credit card number.
  • Respect copyright laws and licensing agreements. Any responsibility for consequences arising from copyright infringement or any other illegal use lies with the user.
  • Respect the privacy of other users of electronic resources.

Furthermore, users agree that they will NOT:

  • Use library computers to display or disseminate visual images containing pornography obscenity, graphic violence, or other images inappropriate in a public library setting. While respecting an individual user’s right to privacy, staff has the right to monitor use of Internet workstations to ensure compliance with this policy. Inappropriate use of these resources is prohibited and may result in the loss of computer and/or Library privileges. (See UCA Section 76-10-1203 (2000).
  • Use the Internet for chat rooms or playing games.

The Summit County Library System thanks public libraries around the state for providing the models upon which this policy is based. The Library is also grateful for the legal review provided by the Summit County Attorney’s Office.

A full text copy of this policy is available at the front desk.