A fine of $1.00 per day will be imposed for overdue feature films. Library privileges will be revoked if overdue materials are not returned after receipt of an overdue notice. An overdue fine can accrue to the maximum of $15.00 per item. Borrowing privileges will be revoked after the fine accrues to $5.00 or more.

Lost/Damaged Library Materials:
Materials lost or damaged are the responsibility of the user. The user will be assessed the replacement cost of the item. Library privileges will be revoked if lost or damaged materials are not paid. Money paid for lost materials may be reimbursed (minus the overdue fine) if materials presumed lost are returned to the library along with the receipt of payment.

Failure to return library materials upon written notification by the library will be interpreted to mean intent to deprive the library of its property and be subject to prosecution under KRS 514.030

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