In the coming months the Trimble County Public Library Board of Trustees will have a vacancy. So, the library is seeking to identify a pool of dedicated individuals who have a passion for public libraries and the ability to effectively advocate for them. This is a volunteer position. Trustees are never compensated for their service.


Do you have the interest, energy, and expertise necessary to be a trustee? It requires a sincere commitment to the library, the ability to represent it well in the community, some leadership and business skills, a talent for working well in a team environment, the ability to bring community needs to the attention of the library and library needs to the attention of the community, and dedication to spending the necessary time to do the job well.


Library trustees are responsible for what the library does and does not do. They must be able to attend and actively participate in all monthly meetings (third Monday of every month at 1 p.m.) as well as any called special meetings. They must share with other board members a common concern for the well-being of the library. Trustees discuss and debate matters before making decisions, but once decisions are made all board members support them. Trustees promote and advocate for the library by lobbying lawmakers, communicating the library’s mission to the community, and actively participating in public relations functions. Furthermore, trustees educate themselves by participating in orientation and other learning opportunities.


Monitoring and evaluating the library’s program of service and its budget are critical trustee tasks, as is strategic planning. The board hires the library director, who is its only employee. The director is responsible for hiring and supervising all other staff and managing day-to-day operations. Trustees are prohibited from activities that present a conflict of interest, including hiring relatives or selling goods or services to the library.


Library trustees are appointed by the County Judge Executive with the approval of the fiscal court from a list provided by the Commissioner of the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives. The term is four years, with eligibility to serve a second term. If you are interested in learning more about trusteeship or would like to be considered for the current opening, please pick up a Trustee Application from the library or download a copy here.


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