Tutoring Services

Introduction to Tutoring Services

The primary goal of tutoring services is to help UACCM students learn critical skills that can help them achieve success in the classroom.  Tutoring Services is designed to provide assistance to students in various courses based on need and demand.  Tutoring Services is funded by UACCM and free to all currently enrolled UACCM students.

Tutoring is not meant to replace classroom instruction. Instead, tutoring is intended to help UACCM students succeed in the classroom by learning critical skills.  This may include providing assistance to a student that is beyond the scope of a course.  Tutors operate by drop-in and appointment depending on the tutor.

Tutoring services strives to maintain a welcoming, confidential environment that is conducive to learning.

Computer Applications Tutoring

Computer applications tutoring is available to currently enrolled UACCM students in the Academic Commons.  Tutoring is provided in-person only.  Students are encouraged to visit with tutors about general computer use as well as computer application course specific assignments. 

Additional documents are available through the UACCM Portal's Tutoring Services tab.  Please call or come by the Academic Commons for tutor availability. 

Science Tutoring

Tutoring in Biology, Anatomy and Physiology I & II, Microbiology, and Nutrition is available for free to currently enrolled UACCM students and is provided in-person only.  Please call, come by, or contact Linda Jackson at JacksonL@uaccm.edu for more information about science tutoring.

Math Tutoring

Currently enrolled UACCM students have access to math tutoring in the Academic Commons for the following courses:

  • Foundations of Math
  • Basic, Intermediate and College algebra
  • Trigonometry
  • Calculus
  • Statistics
  • Math for Teachers
  • Quantitative Literacy

Tutoring is provided in-person only.  Additional documents and instructional videos are available through the UACCM Portal's Tutoring Services tab.  Please call or come by the Academic Commons for tutor availability.

Writing Tutoring

The Academic Commons provides currently enrolled UACCM students with access to in-person and online writing tutoring.  Writing tutoring is available for all classes requiring writing assignments.  Tutors can assist students with form, structure, grammar, and punctuation.  Students have access to additional documents and helpful links through the UACCM Portal's Tutoring Services tab.  

What we can do for you:

  • Assist in organizing ideas for a paper
  • Provide instruction in weak areas
  • Assist in identification of major grammar errors
  • Provide assistance with the structure of a paper
  • Encourage students to develop long-term writing skills that will assist the student with future writing assignments

What we cannot do for you:

  • Write portions of a student’s paper
  • Identify every error
  • Supply ideas for a student paper
  • Do research for the student
  • Edit the student’s paper
  • Fix papers by correcting errors
  • Correct papers that are dropped off by a student
  • Put papers in proper citation format for the student

In-Person Writing Tutoring

Due to the demand for writing tutoring, students need to make appointments in advance.  Appointments can be made online by clicking the "Book Now" button. 

Book an appointment with University of Arkansas Community College at Morril



Walk-ins are welcome if a writing tutor is available.

If possible, please bring the writing assignment that the instructor handed out in class.  Before your appointment, be sure your paper has basic spelling and grammar check and is printed out. 

Online Writing Tutoring

Online writing tutoring is available for UACCM students that are currently enrolled in a night or online course.


  • Students should send their paper to sslab@uaccm.edu as a Word document attached to the email.
  • Papers should not be embedded in the email itself.  Papers must be typed and not scanned.
  • Students are required to specify the writing assignment, such as whether it is an argumentative paper, critical response, comparison, book review, etc., in the body of the email.  If possible, attach the teacher's assignment.  If the assignment is posted in e-Racer, please save the document and attach it with your paper.
  • Please specify any particular concerns, such as the thesis sentence, passive voice, works cited, etc. for the tutor to consider.
  • Use a basic spelling and grammar check before submitting your paper.

Please allow 48 business-day hours for the tutor to respond.  If there are too many basic errors on the assignment, the tutor may return the writing and request for a face-to-face meeting.  Students do not have to meet and may not be able to meet due to scheduling conflicts, but they must also know that their papers may not reflect the full tutoring service's potential.