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Digital Magazines

Check Out Digital Magazines Through Zinio

Using your Warren County Library card, you can now subscribe to digital magazines for free. You can read the complete editions of popular magazines on your computer or on many mobile devices, including the Kindle Fire, iPad, and Android devices. There are no waiting lists for these magazines and you never have to return them.

To get started, please review these basic instructions. It is important to note that you need to create two accounts- a library Zinio account to view our collection of magazines and a free Zinio.com account to read them. We recommend you use the same email and password for both accounts.

     Setting Up Your Zinio Account

     Special Instructions for Kindle Fire


Please note: When using the Zinio app, you want to be in the Your Library section, not the Shop section. If you are asked to purchase a title, you are in the wrong section.

Need further help? Read through the patron user guide, watch an introductory video, or call our reference librarians at 908-475-6321.

Click the logo below to start enjoying Zinio: