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Homebound Services

Nursing Home Delivery Service
Some of our nursing homes choose to receive a bi-monthly collection of 25 to 50 books which are tailored to the needs of their facility. Others prefer that we deliver books once or twice a month to individual residents.

We lend large print books, audio books, regular print books and BiFolkal sensory kits. Each kit has a theme (music, trains, etc.) and contains a multi-media collection. The kit is presented by nursing home staff.

If you would like service at a facility or know someone in a Warren County nursing home who would like to receive books or audio books, please call Jenny at 908-475-6246. However, facilities or residents who are located in the exempt areas* of Alpha, Belvidere, Hackettstown, Phillipsburg and Washington Borough are not eligible for this service.


Library to Home Delivery Service
Books, audio books, and music CDs are delivered to Warren County residents who because of significant impaired mobility are unable to leave their home for a visit to the library. Deliveries are scheduled for the first Tuesday of each month.

Services include:
1. Book delivery and pickup once a month on the 1st Tuesday.
2. Four to ten books or audio books per visit.
3. Patrons may request specific authors, titles, or subjects at the time of delivery or by telephone.

We deliver books to eligible Homebound residents of Warren County. To be eligible you must:
1. Live in Warren County but not in any of our exempt areas* (Alpha, Belvidere, Hackettstown, Phillipsburg, and Washington Borough).
2. Be unable to leave your home to visit the library due to significant impaired mobility. This includes visual disabilities and physical disabilities.

If you would like this service but are not sure if you qualify, please call and discuss your situation with Jenny at 908-475-6246.