Internet/Computer Use


The Washington County Public Library provides access to a broad range of information resources, including free access to the Internet for informal and educational use.

The Internet is a global electronic information infrastructure, a network of computer networks created and used by governments, businesses, organizations, educators, and individuals.  The Internet is not subject to regulations that assure the content or accuracy of information.  Users should critically evaluate sources for accuracy, completeness, and currency.  The Washington County Public Library or any other entity exercises no control over its content.  Some people may find some materials on the Internet offensive.

Internet resources are provided equally to all persons with a valid library card from the Washington County Public Library and temporarily to non-residents without a library card.  A parent or guardian of children under the age of eighteen (18) must select whether the child is to have unlimited access to the Internet without the presence of that parent or guardian. 

The Washington County Public Library is proud to offer Internet Access and additional computer software programs to enhance information available to the public. To use the computers, please read the following guidelines and rules.


Not all information provided through Internet sources is accurate, complete, or current information, and may be offensive or dangerous.  The library assumes no responsibility for the content or accuracy of information obtained through Internet sources.  It should be understood that use in a public environment prevents any guarantee of privacy.


By checking the appropriate box and signing the library application allowing a child under the age of eighteen (18) unlimited access to the Internet, parents or legal guardians will be responsible for the following:
(1)  Monitoring their child’s access to inappropriate matter on the Internet.  The library cannot control sites that children may select on the Internet, and staff cannot act in place of a parent to do so;
(2)  Supervise the safety and security of minors when using electronic mail and other forms of direct electronic communications (Facebook, Twitter, etc.);
(3)  Prevent unauthorized disclosure, use, and dissemination of personal identification information;
(4)  Prevent minor’s unauthorized access, including “hacking,” and other unlawful activities while online;
(5)  Avoid minor’s access to materials harmful to them by monitoring all internet use.


(1) All patrons should read the Washington County Public Library Internet/Computer Use Policy.

(2) Patrons must have a Washington County Public Library card and be in good standing (NO overdue materials and NO fines) in order to use library computers.  

(3) To register for the computers, patrons must scan their library card at the sign-in computer.

(4) Walk-in access to Internet workstations is available on a first come, first served basis.  Patrons can reserve a computer for one hour (60 minutes) of use. Reservations must be made on the same day the computer is to be used.  Reservations will be held for ten (10) minutes past the scheduled start time.  After that, the reserved time will be considered forfeited.

(5) When the hour is up, you must leave the workstation. Extensions of a work session will be accommodated if no one else is waiting or scheduled for the computer. 

(6) There is a two (2) hour daily computer use limit.

(7) No more than one person per workstation is allowed unless approved by library staff beforehand.

(8) Each page printed will cost $.15 per page for black and white and $.25 for color.

(9) Library staff can assist in getting you started, but are not available for in-depth training.


WCPL assumes no responsibility for the content or accuracy of information on the Internet.

In compliance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA), WCPL employs filtering software on all library computers.  However, no filtering software is foolproof and WCPL is not responsible for content accessed by its patrons.

WCPL will provide access to the Internet during regular public service hours, network connections permitting.  Dial up access is not available. Wireless internet access is available if the patron chooses to bring a wireless-capable computer with them. The library assumes no responsibility for damage to patron’s equipment. Even when using their own computer the person accessing the internet through the library's wireless connection is responsible for following all of the above rules, including state and federal regulations governing display of materials in a public space. 

Any use of library equipment assumes that the user has read and understood all applicable policies.  WCPL reserves the right to refuse access to patrons who do not accept and follow this Internet Public Access Policy. Use of the library's wireless internet connection constitutes use of library equipment.


The library staff is authorized to refuse anyone access to the Internet or Computers. The following are considered violations:
•    Unauthorized connection to the library’s network, hacking, and other unlawful activities.
•    More than one people per station.
•    Charge fees to library via Internet workstations.
•    Exhibits pornographic material on Internet workstations.  (KRS 531.020)
•    Violating copyright or software licenses while using Internet workstations. (US copyright law, Title 17, US Code which governs copying, displaying, or distribution of copyrighted material, except by the   
     concept of "fair use" Sect. 107).
•    Use of Internet workstations to harass others.
•    Illegal activities on Internet workstations.
•    Misrepresenting oneself on the Internet via Internet workstations. 
•    Commercial use of the Internet via Internet workstations.
•    Intentional damage to workstations, printers, and/or additional property.
•    Altering hardware/software configurations, saving information to the hard drive.


Users failing to comply with these guidelines will be restricted from using the library's online services.  The library reserves the right to prohibit violators from future access or use of the online services.
•   The 1st violation of this policy will result in a warning.
•   The 2nd violation of this policy will result in loss of Internet/Computer Access for six months.
•   The 3rd violation of this policy will result in permanent loss of Internet/Computer Access.

Unlawful activities will be dealt with seriously, including prosecution by appropriate local, state, and federal authorities.

Approved December 2012