Open Meetings & Records


The Kentucky Open Meetings Act requires boards to give any members of the public the right to attend the board meetings. This is not an unlimited right, however, and a board may adopt reasonable rules to limit the length of presentations. Such rules avoid catering to long-winded orations, while still respecting free speech and democratic participation of the citizenry.

KRS 61.805-61.850 Library board meetings must be open to the public except in
certain specific instances. Exceptions to open meetings applicable to library boards are:
(1) deliberations on the buying or selling of real property;
(2) discussion of proposed or pending litigation against or on behalf of the board;
(3) “discussions or hearings which might lead to the appointment, discipline, or     
       dismissal of an individual employee, without restricting that employee’s right
       to a public hearing if requested.” (This exception shall not be interpreted to
       permit discussion of general personnel matters in secret.)


KRS 61.870-61.884 All public records shall be open for inspection. This includes
library board meeting minutes, budgets, Annual Reports, etc., but does not include patronrecords.


Approved November 20, 2006
Revised October 24, 2012