Reviews for Burner BOOK 12

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The Gray Man dodges death and whups the bad guys for the 12th time in this nonstop thriller. A banker steals records from his Swiss employer, hoping to expose corruption. He stores the information on a burner phone, and everybody wants it—not least the Russians and the CIA. Court Gentry, the man of many monikers—the Gray Man, Violator, and Six—is pulled off his job of blowing up “oligarchs’ big toys,” i.e., their mega-yachts, to help find the phone. He’s ex–CIA, and now he’s a freelancer, “only taking contracts he thought to be principled.” There’s excitement even before the main plotline as limpets spread shock waves under the sea. Meanwhile, he pines for his erstwhile lover Zoya Zakharova, the ex–SVR agent who’d once tried to kill him until their hormones kicked in. Now she feels adrift, her only companions being bottles of vodka and lines of cocaine. And wouldn't you know, a phone call pulls her from her stupor. If you’re not too damn drunk, a voice tells her, we need you to find a phone with stolen banking information before anyone else gets their hands on it. Paraphrasing Casablanca: Of all the plotlines in all the thrillers in all the world, Zoya walks into Violator’s. But the two assassins meet under the most incommodious of circumstances. Hmm. Do they kiss or kill? Hint: This isn't a romance novel. Readers will have great fun as Gentry manages to survive, sometimes in implausible ways. You'll think he is done for on a Swiss train until you see there are 200 pages to go and remember that he's the series hero. So no spoilers there. But that train ride provides the story’s most riveting action until the blazing finale. Series fans already know that the CIA, specifically Suzanne Brewer, has a kill order out for Gentry. Brewer has always been a scheming antagonist, but now she truly reveals the darkness of her character. Not much is predictable but for the actions of CIA agent Angela Lacy, who has never shot anyone before and is loath to do so now. Alert readers will be thinking, Come on Angela! You can do it! Hardcore action here. Greaney and the Gray Man are on their game. Copyright © Kirkus Reviews, used with permission.