Reviews for The Nubian's Curse (Main) Hardcover

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A series of mysteries spanning two continents and many years comes to a head in Louisiana. Benjamin January may be a Paris-trained doctor and an excellent musician, but in 1840 New Orleans, he’s a Black man who has to remember his place. The evening Ben plays at a Christmas ball, he encounters a haunting puzzle from his past. The star of the ball, the Vicomtesse de St.-Forgeux, turns out to be Persephone Jondrette, whom Ben knew in Paris as a dancer. She’s now serving as a companion to wealthy Miss Daisy Emmett, whose slave-trader father died and left her guardianship to his business partner, Creon Grice. When Persephone comes to Ben’s home the next day to ask for help looking into the well-being of two old friends, he can’t refuse, even though it brings back unpleasant memories of a weird, unsolved murder in Paris more than a decade earlier. The friends are African mathematical genius Arithmus Sudirja and Belle Wishart, a British woman; Arithmus was a companion to Belle’s scientifically inclined uncle, Deverel Wishart. After her uncle’s death, Grice married Belle for her money; he spirited Belle and Arithmus to Louisiana because the French police suspected them of killing Deverel. Now, Persephone reveals, it seems that Arithmus is enslaved on Grice’s Natchez plantation. Traveling to Natchez disguised as the valet of a white musician who’s helped him before, Ben finds that Grice has thrown Belle out of the house, demanding a divorce and obviously planning on marrying Miss Emmett to increase his fortune. Miss Emmett, however, has set her sights higher, on Prince Serafin Corvinus. When Grice vanishes, Ben, certain that he’s dead, finds himself again forced to rescue himself and his friends from a murder charge. A hauntingly atmospheric mystery with a complex and exciting storyline. Copyright © Kirkus Reviews, used with permission.