Reviews for The case of the poached painting

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Another theft has the Pigeon Private Detectives on the case! During the night, someone steals a painting from the Museum of Food Art. Reviewing the security footage, Detectives Martin P. Sweets, Felix Danish, and Ralph Custard see the painting seemingly moving on its own, but upon zooming in, Sweets spots a “master of disguise” in the background. At “fur-ensics,” a rodent scientist analyzes a piece of shed skin left at the scene and confirms they’re looking for a reptile with camouflage capabilities. The detectives’ next task is to interview local reptiles at the pond and the City Park Zoo. After some research at the library, the detectives return to the museum to investigate a second theft. They’ve narrowed down the clues to identify the perp, but it’ll take a lead from a boa constrictor, a cupcake bribe, and a midnight stakeout to catch the culprit! Blending graphic novel–style panels and prose, Curran-Bauer once again delivers a riveting mystery; young animal lovers will eagerly decipher the clues along with the detectives. Like the earlier installment, this one features an inspired food theme and puns galore. Cozy colored pencil artwork brings to life a world of anthropomorphic animals. “Comic breaks” occasionally interrupt the story with discussions on modern art concepts. Frequent examples of real-life art with fun twists (including a version of The Persistence of Memory with melting pizzas instead of clocks) add to the book’s educational potential. Downright delicious. (notes identifying the spoofed works of art, glossary, animal facts) (Fiction. 6-9) Copyright © Kirkus Reviews, used with permission.