Reviews for Unbound

by Tarana Burke

Copyright © Kirkus Reviews, used with permission.

A soul-baring memoir by one the most significant social activists of the past two decades. By the time the #MeToo hashtag became popularized in 2017, Burke had been at work for more than 10 years building the “me too” movement. Though she sets the record straight as the movement's true founder, she’s less concerned about credit than she is about letting “women, particularly young women of color, know that they are not alone—it’s a movement. It’s beyond a hashtag. It’s the start of a larger conversation and a move-ment for radical community healing.” With empathy at the heart of this movement, Burke offers her own story as a means of helping others. “A dark-skinned Black girl who had been damaged and used,” the author recounts her upbringing in the Bronx in the 1970s and ’80s where she was labeled “ugly” and blamed herself for the rape she endured at age 7. Through searing prose and riveting storytelling, Burke lays her trauma bare alongside beautifully rendered moments, such as her discovery, as a high school freshman, of the transformative power of fellow survivor Maya Angelou’s life and art. An honors student known as the “Black Power girl” who challenged racist White teachers, the author went on to become a college activist and then a community organizer in Selma, Alabama. Her intense passion and commitment shine through on every page. Even readers familiar with the story of the Rev. James Bevel—a “giant of the Civil Rights Movement” and known, protected serial child molester—will share Burke’s anger and heartbreak when they crossed paths in Selma. While working with Black girls in Selma, the author discovered that their healing and renewed sense of self-worth were inextricably tied to her own. Burke’s reckoning with her painful past becomes the blueprint for “me too.” Told with candor and deep vulnerability, this story is raw and sobering but also a source of healing and hope for other survivors. An unforgettable page-turner of a life story rendered with endless grace and grit. Copyright © Kirkus Reviews, used with permission.