Reviews for A scarlet death

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Distractions aplenty complicate Missouri death investigator Angela Richman’s probe of a prominent businessman’s demise. There’s no question that Selwyn Skipton was murdered. The 70-year-old was found wearing nothing but a scarlet cutout of the letter “A” stapled to his chest. And there’s not much mystery about what he was doing shortly before his death, since the room where he died, rented secretly above Maya Richards’ candy shop, was furnished with a king-size bed with black satin sheets and museum-grade prints of famous nudes. But who killed Skipton and why remain unclear. His wealthy widow, Estelle, claims to know nothing about his love nest. His secretary admits she was there once, but only on business. A search of the victim’s computer reveals ties to a service offering companionship to “sugar daddies” willing to pay for it. All these gritty details make Angela’s boss eager to keep the circumstances of Skipton’s death quiet. Hoping for a quick arrest, he allows her to assist the police. And Angela’s happy to have a case to solve while she’s pondering what to do about a marriage proposal from patrol officer Chris Ferretti. But many more problems await her, as a stealth attack puts Chris’ life in danger and more deaths rain down, some connected to the Skipton case, others altogether separate. Before long, the complications become so fast and furious that the original murder, with its intriguing setup, gets lost in the shuffle. Multiple puzzles keep up the suspense, but the resolution proves a letdown. Copyright © Kirkus Reviews, used with permission.