Reviews for Star in the jar

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A little boy finds wondrous treasures everywhere.A feather, a shiny coin, and other small objects are all wonders to collect and enjoy. One day he sees a lovely star lying in the grass in the park. His big sister, the narrator, thinks it must belong to someone, so they ask everyone they see, but no one claims it. The boy loves that star and takes it everywhere he goes, kept safely in a jar. The star is bright, but it seems sad. When a message in the night sky tells them that the other stars are searching for their lost friend, the siblings try to send the star home. But their voices cannot be heard so far away, and they can't climb high enough. Finally an ingenious idea allows the star to return to the sky. The children are innocent believers who know that anything is possible. The big sister is steadfast and immensely supportive of her little brother, narrating the tale with great pride and compassion. Hay carefully keeps an even tone, never letting the whimsy descend into treacle and always maintaining a sense of wonder. Massini's lively and imaginative illustrations beautifully complement and enhance the text, providing additional insights into the children's activities and emotions. Many of the people they encounter are brown-skinned; the siblings are shown as pale-skinned and dark-haired.Tender and loving. (Picture book. 4-8) Copyright Kirkus Reviews, used with permission.