Circulation Policy

Circulation Policy
Library Cards

Library Cards are free to those currently residing in the U.S.
All adult applicants must have a valid form of picture identification when applying for a library card. Those younger than 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian with identification in order to register for a library card; persons 5 years old and older are allowed to have a card.
New patrons are granted provisional status for 1 day. During this period, patrons may check out 2 items at a time. Adults have a limit of 1 DVD at a time during the provisional period. At the end of the 1 day, if the patron is in good standing, the status is changed to the appropriate patron profile with full borrowing privileges.
The Wilson County Public Library card is good at all Wilson County Public Library locations.
Patrons are responsible for everything checked out on their card. Please notify the library immediately if your card is lost or stolen. The library will provide one free replacement card – additional replacement cards are $2.00 each.  Valid photo ID can be used up to 5 times to check out or use the internet if you do not have your card with you when visiting the library.
Items that have had a hold request placed will be held for the patron for 3 days upon becoming available.


How many materials? . . . How long?
There is a total borrowing limit of 30 items per person. Those items fall under the following guidelines:
Loan Period: 
3 weeks, except for New Adult Fiction, High Demand and Children's Holiday books, which check out for 1 week.
Renewals and holds:  A book may be renewed two times unless there is a hold on it, in which case it cannot be renewed, unless it is New Adult Fiction with 500 pages or more, in which case it can be renewed once even if it is on hold.  Holds are allowed on all non-reference books.
Limit:  Maximum 30 items.  Adult and juvenile non-fiction have a limit of 3 books per subject. Children’s holiday books have a limit of 3. Test preparation books have a limit of 1.  Special restrictions may also be applied at certain times based on demand - teachers are encouraged to call and inform librarians about reading and research assignments.
Fines:  $1.00/day for High Demand items, 10¢/day for all other books.
10 per person
    Loan Period:  3 weeks
    Renewal and holds:  May be renewed once; holds are not allowed
    Fines:  10¢/day
Books On CD
5 per person
    Loan Period:  3 weeks
    Renewals and holds:  May be renewed twice; holds are allowed
    Fines:  10¢/day
5 per adult borrower
    Loan Period: 1 week for sets containing 1-2 discs, 2 weeks for sets containing 3 or more discs
    Renewal and holds:  May not be renewed or placed on hold.
    Fines:  $1.00/day
Juvenile Audio Kits
5 per person
    Loan Period:  1 week
    Renewal and holds:  May be renewed twice; holds are allowed
    Fines:  10¢/day
3 per person
    Loan Period:  3 weeks
    Renewal and holds:  up to 3 holds allowed; not renewable
    Fines:  N/A
Audiovisual Equipment
1 per adult non-provisional borrower
    Loan Period: 1 week
    Renewal and holds:  Varies depending on the piece of equipment you need
    Fines:  $1.00/day


Some library materials are for use in the library only and may not be removed from the building, such as reference, microfilms, genealogy and local history materials, rare books, master tax forms and some audiovisual equipment. You can use these non-circulating materials inside the library and may photocopy materials for personal use. There is a $2.00 mailing fee per item for all Interlibrary Loans, payable when requested material is received.

Please return everything on time and in good condition so others can use the materials.
Equipment should be returned to the location from which it was borrowed.


Suspension of Privileges for Health and Safety Reasons:  It is the responsibility of the Wilson County Public Library to maintain a healthy and clean environment for all Library users.  In order to fulfill this responsibility, the library may restrict a patron’s ability to borrow materials when such use may jeopardize the health of patrons and cleanliness of collections.  Examples of situations where borrowing of materials may be suspended include, but are not limited to:
Evidence that items on loan to a customer may have been returned with insects that are known to be damaging to library materials, e.g. roaches, silverfish and some types of beetles
• Evidence that items on loan to a customer may have been returned with insects that can result in pest infestations in library facilities, e.g. bed bugs or roaches
Should it become necessary to suspend library privileges of a patron in order to protect library collections, facilities or other users, notification of the suspension will be made by library staff.  Access to borrowing will be restored when the suspended customer demonstrates that the situation that caused the loss of privileges has been remediated.    Any customer that has privileges suspended under the terms of this policy may request a re-evaluation of the suspension.
Last Modified October 19, 2017