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Mission Statement      Computer/Internet Policy

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Mission Statement

To provide print and non-print materials of an educational and recreational nature, varied, and wide-ranging information services, and related programs and services to the people of Wilson County.  The Library cooperated with other institutions and participates actively in appropriate community affairs to utilize and enhance cultural, educational, and recreational resources.

Computer/Internet Policy

All Internet users must be Wilson County Public Library patrons in good standing and have no fines.  All users may be limited to one hour of Internet time if people are waiting.  Visitors who are not library customers may apply at the Reference Desk for guest privileges with limited Internet access for 30 minutes.

The Wilson County Public Library has no control over the information on the Internet and is not responsible for information that is inaccurate, incomplete or illegal.  The Library is not responsible for any material that is transmitted electronically by users of its public Internet terminals.  The monitoring of a minor's access to the Internet is the responsibility of that person's parent or legal guardian or an adult family member designated by the parent or legal guardian.

Sites visited are automatically recorded by the server computer and may be traced by Library or County officials to determine if abuse of the Internet policy has occurred.  Users may not visit obscene or illegal sites or display material from them.  Users must obey all state and federal legal restrictions.

Persons who do not comply with these conditions or otherwise abuse the privilege of Internet access may be denied further access to these computers.  The person so denied may appeal to the Library Director and then to the Library Board of Trustees if desired.  While a case is pending, that person does not have any right of Internet access at the Library.



Age Restrictions
5 to 12 Parent, guardian or another designated adult family member must personally conduct/supervise all Internet sessions.
13 or older. Parent or guardian does not need to supervise internet use.

Adopted by the Wilson County Board of Trustees, 21 April 1998, modified, 16 August 2001, May 8, 2006 and November 20, 2008

Meeting Room

The library welcomes community use of meeting rooms.
To facilitate use, please follow these rules.


Meeting rooms are for programs and meetings that are educational, cultural, religious or civic in nature. The library’s public nature precludes use for commercial purposes, or for private social functions such as weddings or anniversary parties. Permission to use the meeting rooms is not an endorsement of the user or the user’s beliefs.


Users are subject to normal library rules. Eligible groups may reserve meeting rooms on a first come, first served basis. Elections and electoral use take priority.
• Please complete a meeting room application. Include the name of the sponsoring group in any advertising or announcements and report number of people who attended after each meeting. Meetings may be observed by library staff.
• Non-profit groups may collect membership dues but admission fees and solicitation are not allowed.
• Meeting rooms should be used during normal library hours unless prior approval has been granted. Meeting should end 10 minutes before library closing time so that library security systems can be engaged. Use other than by the library is limited to no more than four days in a single month or twenty-four times in a single calendar year.
• Tables and chairs are available for group use, and the group using the room is responsible for making any desired changes to the furniture arrangement. The group using the room is also responsible for paying for any extra cleaning costs that might result from the use of the room, and for any damage to the building or equipment. Audiovisual equipment needs to be reserved in advance. Groups should designate a member to learn to operate equipment prior to the meeting.
• The library cannot take telephone or other messages and is not responsible for personal belongings.
• Meeting room space is limited; therefore a 24-hour notice of cancellation is required in order that rooms may be rescheduled. Following two no-shows without 24-hour cancellation notice, the privilege of reserving the meeting rooms will be suspended for the individual or group in question. Reapplication for this privilege must then be made with the library director. The Trustees of the Library reserve the right to deny further use of meeting rooms or space to any individual or group who disregards or violates library policies.

Last modified August 19, 2010


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