Your Tribal Libraries are happy to receive your donations:

The formats we can accept include books, DVDs, Blu-rays, music CDs, and audiobooks on CD. We cannot accept cassette tapes, VHS, CD-ROM, or other media formats.

We have a wishlist! If you're looking to donate specific items, these are especially needed!

  • The Saginaw Chippewa Tribal Libraries accept donations of materials and physical objects (art, equipment, etc.) that are outright gifts, with the understanding that the libraries will handle them as they determine is appropriate
  • All gifts of materials and physical objects must be in good, usable physical condition
  • All public libraries sustain losses through theft, mutilation, and ordinary wear, and as such the Tribal Libraries cannot guarantee that any gift will be part of the collection permanently
  • Consistent with IRS regulations, the appraising of a gift to the library for income tax purposes is the responsibility of the donor
  • The Tribal Libraries encourage and welcome cash gifts and bequests for purchasing books and other library materials, for purchasing equipment, for supporting programming, for improving the library facilities, or for the benefit of the library staff in the form of training and professional development
  • On request, a plate may be placed in each new book purchased with monies donated as memorial or other tributes